21st Irish Film & Television Awards Nominations Announced

The nominations for the 21st Irish Film & Television Awards have been revealed, showcasing a diverse range of talent in the industry. Lisa Mulcahy’s thriller Lies We Tell has emerged as a frontrunner in the feature film category with 13 nominations, while crime drama Kin has taken the lead in the TV fields with 11 nominations. The Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA) will be presenting the awards in Dublin on April 20.

In the Best Film category, Lies We Tell will be competing against Double Blind, Flora and Son, LOLA, That They May Face the Rising Sun, and Verdigris. Each of these films has also received nominations for their directors, highlighting the strong storytelling and filmmaking abilities present in the Irish film industry.

Talent Showcased

The past year has been a standout year for Irish talent, with several awards season favorites contending for Best Actor. Notable names include Oppenheimer Oscar winner Cillian Murphy, Barry Keoghan from Saltburn, and Andrew Scott from All of Us Strangers. The competition is fierce, showcasing the depth of acting talent in Ireland.

International Recognition

The Best International Film category features a mix of critically acclaimed films, including All of Us Strangers, Oppenheimer, Past Lives, Poor Things, Saltburn, and The Holdovers. While Barbie did not receive a nomination in this category, international stars such as Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone are recognized for their performances in various films. The diversity and range of stories represented in this category highlight the global appeal of Irish filmmaking.

Renowned actor Stephen Rea is set to receive the Irish Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement, honoring his contributions to the industry. IFTA CEO, Áine Moriarty, expressed excitement over the caliber of nominees this year, emphasizing the talent and dedication of Irish filmmakers and actors. The Irish film industry continues to gain recognition on the international stage, solidifying its position as a hub of creativity and skill.

The 21st Irish Film & Television Awards nominations reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Irish film industry. With a diverse range of talent and storytelling on display, the awards ceremony promises to be a celebration of excellence in filmmaking. Irish filmmakers and actors are making a mark on the global stage, showcasing their creativity and passion for storytelling. The future looks bright for Irish cinema, with a new generation of talent rising to prominence and captivating audiences worldwide.


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