A Controversial Draw: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2

The anticipated rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko at Noche UFC ended in a split draw, leaving fans and fighters with mixed feelings. This controversial outcome has sparked discussions about the need for a trilogy to finally determine the true winner of this intense rivalry.

From the start, both Grasso and Shevchenko fought with incredible determination. Grasso, the reigning UFC women’s flyweight champion, aimed to prove her victory in their previous encounter was no fluke. On the other hand, Shevchenko sought redemption and vengeance. The fight was intense and went back and forth, showcasing the skill and tenacity of both athletes.

Saturday night’s bout took place in Las Vegas, coinciding with Mexican Independence Day. The crowd, heavily composed of Mexican and Mexican-American fans, added to the drama by passionately cheering for Grasso and booing Shevchenko. The energy in the arena was palpable, further fueling the intensity of the fight.

Grasso dropped Shevchenko in the second round, displaying her striking prowess. However, Shevchenko retaliated with a mounted guillotine choke in the third round, coming dangerously close to finishing the fight. The final moments of the match saw Grasso on Shevchenko’s back, landing punches. These back-and-forth moments made it difficult to determine a definitive winner.

As a result of the split draw, Grasso retained her UFC women’s flyweight title, but it was not a satisfactory outcome for either fighter. Shevchenko expressed her disappointment, stating that it was not a victory for her. She believed the judges may have been influenced by the Mexican Independence Day celebrations, leading to an unfair decision.

Grasso, however, felt differently. She believed she had won the fight three rounds to two and expressed her happiness with her performance. As the first Mexican-born female fighter to win a UFC championship, Grasso basked in the significance of headlining the event on such a momentous date in Las Vegas.

Following the fight, Grasso remained noncommittal about a potential rematch. She left the decision in the hands of the UFC, expressing her willingness to continue fighting in the flyweight division. Shevchenko, on the other hand, broke her thumb during the first round and expressed the necessity of healing fully before committing to another fight.

The judges’ scorecards further added to the controversy. Judge Mike Bell scored the fifth round 10-8 in favor of Grasso, resulting in the draw. The other two judges, Junichiro Kamijo and Sal D’Amato, provided differing outcomes, with Kamijo awarding the victory to Grasso and D’Amato to Shevchenko. This disparity in scoring only intensified the debate around who truly emerged as the winner.

In terms of significant strikes and total strikes, Grasso outlanded Shevchenko with 64-57 and 219-158, respectively, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Shevchenko’s successful takedown attempts and control time showcased her grappling skills. These statistics highlighted the evenly matched nature of the fight.

Despite the controversial draw, the fight solidified both Grasso and Shevchenko’s positions in the women’s flyweight division. Grasso’s unbeaten streak of six fights since moving up to flyweight establishes her as a formidable champion. Shevchenko’s impressive record, including the most consecutive title defenses in UFC history, demonstrates her dominance in the division. Both fighters have promising futures ahead of them.

The draw between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko left fans and fighters wanting more. The intensity, skill, and passion displayed by both athletes justify the need for a trilogy to determine the true victor of this heated rivalry. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain – Grasso and Shevchenko have proven themselves to be exceptional fighters, deserving of admiration and continued support.


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