A Memorial Game to Honor Adam Johnson’s Legacy

A memorial game of ice hockey was held in Nottingham to pay tribute to Adam Johnson, a player who tragically lost his life after a skate to the neck during a match. The Nottingham Panthers, Johnson’s team, took the ice on Saturday for the first time since his passing on 28th October. The devastating incident occurred during an away game against the Sheffield Steelers when Johnson was struck by the skate of an opposing player. Although a man has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and later released on bail, this article focuses on the community’s commemoration of Johnson’s life.

The Nottingham Panthers and their opponents, the Manchester Storm, donned special jerseys for the memorial game. These jerseys hold significant meaning as they were set to be raffled off in support of charitable causes through the Love for Hibbing & Hockey Memorial Fund. The fund was established to benefit Johnson’s hometown area of Hibbing, Minnesota. The players, embraced by a sold-out crowd, took to the ice at the Motorpoint Arena, where the chant of Johnson’s name echoed throughout the arena. As the lights dimmed, his picture was displayed on the main scoreboard above the rink, further honoring his memory.

To honor Adam Johnson’s jersey number, which was 47, it has been retired from the Nottingham Panthers. The players paid their respects by tapping their sticks on the ice while the crowd applauded. During the 47th minute of the match, fans once again chanted his name, a powerful reminder that Johnson’s legacy will forever be imprinted on the hearts of the ice hockey community. The Motorpoint Arena has become a place of remembrance, adorned with tributes from devoted supporters who continue to show their love and respect for the fallen player.

Following this tragic accident, there has been a renewed focus on player safety, particularly regarding neck guards. The English Ice Hockey Association has announced that neck guards will become mandatory from next year. However, it is crucial to note that the Elite League, which includes the Nottingham Panthers, operates independently and is not under the association’s jurisdiction. While the Elite Ice Hockey League has stated that it will not make neck guards mandatory, it will actively encourage players and officials to wear them, showing their commitment to improving player safety. Recognizing the importance of this issue promotes an environment where safety is prioritized.

The memorial game ended in a 4-4 draw, but the true victory of the event was the unified support shown for Adam Johnson and his family. The uplifting atmosphere in the Motorpoint Arena during the game serves as a testament to the resilience and compassion of the ice hockey community. As the jerseys from the game are raffled off to raise funds for charitable causes, Johnson’s legacy will continue to make a positive impact. While nothing can erase the pain of losing a beloved player and friend, this memorial game serves as a reminder that unity, support, and safety are paramount in any sports community.


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