A Metropolitan Police Officer Charged with the Murder of Chris Kaba

In a deeply troubling case, a Metropolitan Police officer has been charged with the murder of Chris Kaba, according to the Crown Prosecution Service. Mr. Kaba tragically lost his life the day after being struck by a single gunshot fired by a police firearms officer in Streatham Hill on 5 September last year. This tragic incident unfolded as Mr. Kaba was driving a car that was being followed by an unmarked police vehicle without any lights or sirens. The pursuit led them to Kirkstall Gardens, a narrow residential street, where a collision occurred between the vehicle Mr. Kaba was in and a marked police car waiting for him at the scene. During this encounter, an officer from the marked vehicle, identified as NX121, fired a shot through the windscreen, fatally hitting Mr. Kaba in the head.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) took charge of the investigation, which lasted nearly seven months. In March, they handed over a comprehensive file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). After a thorough review of this evidence, the CPS has now authorized a charge of murder against the Metropolitan Police officer responsible for Mr. Kaba’s untimely death. It is crucial to remember that the officer’s identity has not been disclosed. The accused officer is scheduled to appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

A Call for Fairness and Caution

Rosemary Ainslie, the head of the CPS Special Crime Division, emphasized the need for a fair trial, stating, “It is extremely important there should be no reporting, commentary, or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.” The CPS is making every effort to ensure that the officer receives a just and impartial trial, respecting their right to a fair legal process.

Responding to the charging decision, Mr. Kaba’s family issued a joint statement expressing their appreciation for this development. They conveyed their love for Chris and the potential he had before his life was tragically cut short. The family, together with the broader community, now seeks justice for Chris, as they mourn their loss and grapple with unimaginable grief.

While the family of Mr. Kaba welcomes the charge, the Metropolitan Police Federation, representing rank and file officers, has released a statement affirming their full support for the officer in question. The federation acknowledges that being a firearms officer in London is an incredibly challenging job, emphasizing the responsibility and accountability that accompany this role. However, they refrained from making further comments regarding the ongoing case, acknowledging the impact this development may have on their colleagues in the force.

A Serious Development

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Millichap from the Metropolitan Police acknowledged the gravity of the situation, referring to the announcement as a “significant and serious development.” She expressed the force’s full cooperation with the IOPC’s investigation in their efforts to establish the facts surrounding Mr. Kaba’s untimely death. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Millichap refrained from providing additional details, emphasizing the need to allow the judicial process to run its course.

Suspension and Pending Misconduct Matters

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that the accused officer remains suspended from duty pending the conclusion of criminal proceedings. Furthermore, any matters of misconduct will be addressed once the criminal case concludes. To respect the anonymity request expected to be put forward by the defendant, the force has chosen not to disclose the officer’s name or age at this time.

The tragic death of Chris Kaba has led to a Metropolitan Police officer being charged with murder. This development is the outcome of a lengthy investigation by the IOPC and subsequent review by the CPS. As the case moves forward, it is crucial to uphold principles of fairness and ensure a fair trial for the accused officer. The grieving family of Mr. Kaba hopes that justice will be served, while the Metropolitan Police Federation extends its support to their fellow officer. The Metropolitan Police, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, is cooperating fully with the ongoing process and waiting for the court’s decision. The entire incident underscores the need for accountability and thorough investigation in cases involving potential misconduct by law enforcement officials.


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