A New Era: HarmonyOS Next Set to Transform Huawei Devices

As the technology world anxiously awaits the arrival of HarmonyOS Next, the next-generation operating system for Huawei devices, excitement continues to build. Reports suggest that the native application for the long-anticipated update is already prepared for release. Unlike its predecessor, HarmonyOS Next breaks free from Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code, utilizing the company’s own kernel and system. This game-changing decision also comes with a major caveat: Android apps will no longer be supported on the operating system. In this article, we delve into the implications of this significant shift in Huawei’s strategy and explore what the future holds for the company and its users.

Huawei initially unveiled HarmonyOS in August 2019 as a solution to combat the weak app ecosystem at the time. This hybrid operating system offered support for Android apps, acting as a bridge between the two worlds. However, as HarmonyOS gained traction and installations surpassed 60 million, Huawei unveiled HarmonyOS Next as a “pure” version of its mobile operating system. By shedding Google’s Android libraries, the company aims to establish its own unique identity in the highly competitive market.

While HarmonyOS 4 allowed users to install Android apps from official sources and sideload them using APK files, HarmonyOS Next takes a divergent path. According to a Pandaily report, the upcoming update will not only prevent users from installing Android apps but also render sideloading in APK format ineffective. HarmonyOS Next embraces its independence by introducing the company’s proprietary HAP format, replacing the familiar APK file format. As a result, Huawei users will need to adapt to a new app ecosystem, creating a significant paradigm shift in user experience.

Chinese firms like Meituan, NetEase, and JD.com, recognizing Huawei’s growing influence, have already begun hiring HarmonyOS app developers via platforms like Liepin.com and Maimai. These companies understand the monumental shift occurring within Huawei’s ecosystem and are determined to capitalize on the opportunity. By investing in HarmonyOS app development, they hope to cater to the millions of Huawei smartphone users who will soon find themselves in the world of HarmonyOS Next. As the South China Morning Post reveals, the developer preview of HarmonyOS Next is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2024, providing a glimpse into the future for both companies and end-users alike.

While Huawei has yet to provide a specific launch timeline for HarmonyOS Next, one thing is clear: the era of Android apps on Huawei devices is drawing to a close. Embracing this change, Huawei is preparing to revolutionize the user experience with its unique operating system. By distancing itself from Google and Android, the company is stepping into uncharted territory, both for itself and its users. As we eagerly await the arrival of HarmonyOS Next, one can only imagine the possibilities and potential that lie ahead. The developer preview will undoubtedly shed more light on this transformative update, setting the stage for a new era of Huawei devices. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as the journey to HarmonyOS Next unfolds.


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