A New Era in Comedy: Parmar Entertainment Acquires Global Rights to Russell Peters’ Act Your Age

In a groundbreaking move, Parmar Entertainment, a fledgling producer-distributor, has recently acquired the global rights to Russell Peters’ highly anticipated comedy special, Act Your Age. The acquisition reportedly came at a staggering seven-figure deal, solidifying the company’s determination to make a significant impact in the streaming space.

Recorded live at Abu Dhabi’s renowned Etihad Arena on November 23, Act Your Age delves into a myriad of topics ranging from cancel culture and the process of ageing to an astute examination of the current geopolitical state of the world. Known for his signature crowd work, Peters delivers a remarkable performance that captivates audiences and leaves them in stitches.

Act Your Age constitutes the final stop of Peters’ extensive world tour, which took him to 23 countries and included a staggering 375 shows. This comedy special serves as a testament to Peters’ unparalleled success and enduring popularity as one of the most celebrated comedians of our time.

Directed by Peters’ brother and manager, Clayton Peters, Act Your Age’s production was carried out by CPI Pictures and Parmar Entertainment, with line production by SXG Films. Notable executive producers involved in the project include Russell Peters himself, Clayton Peters, Paul Canterna, David Higby, Keshav Purushot, and Daljit DJ Parmar, the CEO of Parmar Entertainment.

Parmar Entertainment, which recently struck a production funding deal with Beacon Media, has ambitious plans for Act Your Age and beyond. In addition to capitalizing on the streaming potential of this comedy special, the company also boasts an impressive slate of projects in development, signaling their intention to become a major player in both production and distribution.

Daljit DJ Parmar, CEO of Parmar Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting Russell Peters’ status as “the most iconic global comedian in the world.” Armed with this extraordinary acquisition, Parmar Entertainment aims to disrupt the stand-up comedy industry and cement their place in the competitive streaming market.

Clayton Peters of CPI Pictures and Management also expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to enter into this partnership with DJ and Parmar Entertainment.” The joint efforts of these industry powerhouses promise an unrivaled and unforgettable comedy experience for audiences worldwide.

With Parmar Entertainment at the forefront of this new era in comedy, Act Your Age is poised to make a resounding impact, revolutionizing the way audiences consume comedic content. As the streaming space continues to evolve, this groundbreaking acquisition sets the stage for a future wherein laughter knows no boundaries.


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