A Show of Solidarity: Unions Join Forces to Support Industry Workers

In a powerful display of unity, the Teamsters, IATSE, the WGA West, and SAG-AFTRA have joined forces to provide much-needed relief to industry workers affected by the ongoing strikes that have brought production to a halt. A drive-thru distribution event was organized at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Santa Clarita, where volunteers passionately handed out boxes filled with essential items such as food, dry goods, produce, baby food, diapers, and other supplies. As the strikes have impacted not only union members but also individuals employed in various entertainment-industry jobs, the support extended by these unions has become crucial in helping those who have lost their livelihoods during this challenging period.

Armando Olivas of Labor Community Services, the charitable arm of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, emphasized that this assistance is not merely an act of charity but, more importantly, a show of solidarity. Workers who have spent years in the unions, diligently paying their dues, are now experiencing the value of collective support. The unions recognize the responsibility to aid their members and those in related roles, and the distribution event at Santa Clarita exemplifies their dedication to helping one another through these uncertain times.

Lindsay Dougherty, the head of Teamsters Local 399, expressed her belief that this event illustrates the positive outcomes that arise from solidarity within the unions. The strikes have brought the labor organizations together in a way that emphasizes the importance of supporting and caring for each other. As they move forward, there is a growing recognition that the well-being of the entire industry relies on collective efforts to take care of one another.

This recent event is not an isolated act of kindness. The unions have been actively involved in raising funds to provide support to affected workers. Earlier this week, the Union Solidarity Coalition, along with the WGA West, SAG-AFTRA, the DGA, and IATSE, announced that they had collectively raised over $500,000 to assist Teamsters and other crew members impacted by the work stoppages. These ongoing initiatives demonstrate the commitment of the unions to stand together and ensure the welfare of their members.

The collaboration between the Teamsters, IATSE, the WGA West, and SAG-AFTRA reflects the strength of solidarity within the entertainment industry. Through various initiatives, including drive-thru distribution events and fundraising campaigns, the unions are working tirelessly to support industry workers affected by the strikes. Their efforts go beyond providing immediate relief; they send a powerful message of unity and commitment to the well-being of all those involved in the industry. As challenges persist, it is this collective spirit that will ultimately forge a path towards a stronger and more resilient entertainment community.


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