A State of Emergency Declared in Russia’s Far East After Typhoon Khanun Triggers Heavy Flooding

Torrential rain and subsequent flooding have prompted the authorities to declare a state of emergency and initiate evacuations in several areas of Russia’s Far East. The deluge was caused by the aftereffects of Typhoon Khanun, which had previously lashed Japan before weakening to a tropical depression as it made its way across North Korea.

The Primorye region in Russia’s Far East, located in the easternmost part of the country and the continent of Asia, bore the brunt of the catastrophic weather. By Saturday morning, 543 houses were underwater, and a staggering 32 settlements were left isolated due to flooding. Large portions of roads were also submerged, hindering transportation in the affected areas.

The cities of Ussuriysk and Spassk-Dalny, both situated in the Primorye region, were under evacuation orders. The authorities were particularly concerned about the rising water levels in the riverside areas of Spassk-Dalny. A video shared on the Telegram messaging app by the Primorye government depicted vast stretches of land and partially submerged buildings, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Moreover, the dam constructed to mitigate floods in Ussuriysk, a city with a population exceeding 150,000, was breached. This prompted officials to evacuate specific parts of the city to ensure the safety of its residents.

In response to the devastating flooding, a state of emergency was declared in nine municipalities within the Primorye region. This measure enables authorities to mobilize resources and coordinate relief efforts effectively. Meteorologists have predicted an anticipated rainfall twice the usual monthly average in certain parts of the region throughout the weekend, exacerbating an already dire situation.

Russia’s Far East has been severely impacted by the consequences of Typhoon Khanun. The heavy downpours and subsequent flooding have forced the declaration of a state of emergency, necessitating the evacuation of vulnerable areas. As the authorities work diligently to provide relief and assistance to affected communities, it is crucial for individuals to stay informed and follow official instructions to ensure their safety during this challenging time.


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