A Tragic Accident at Newgale Campsite Leaves Several Injured

Over the weekend, a quiet camping trip turned into a nightmare when a car veered off the road and crashed into a campsite in Pembrokeshire. The incident left two people in a serious condition and seven others injured, including a baby who was inside the tent at the time of the collision. The campsite manager, Clare Harris, confirmed that the baby is “okay” after the terrifying ordeal. As investigations are underway, the community tries to make sense of this tragic accident.

The peaceful atmosphere at Newgale campsite was shattered on Saturday night when a blue Ford Fiesta collided with a number of people and crashed into a tent. Eyewitnesses reported hearing screeching tires followed by a loud bang as the car plowed through the campsite. Levi Davies, a camper who witnessed the incident, described the chaos that ensued. With screams and shouting filling the air, people rushed to the scene to offer their assistance.

The Aftermath

As emergency services arrived at the scene, one person was airlifted to the University Hospital of Wales, while four others were taken by ambulance to Glangwilli Hospital. Another individual was transported to Morriston Hospital. The severity of their injuries remains unknown at this time. The baby who was inside the tent during the collision, although requiring hospital treatment, has been reported to be in stable condition. The campsite owners, Clare and Mike Harris, express their deep sympathy for those affected and emphasize that the incident is now being handled by the police.

According to Clare Harris, the car involved was clearly traveling at an excessive speed. It attempted to brake upon realizing the need to slow down, but it was too late. The vehicle flipped and rolled several times before crashing into the tent. The police are currently conducting a thorough investigation to determine the exact causes and factors that led to this devastating incident. Any information relating to the car, a blue Ford Fiesta, and its occupants is vital to the ongoing investigations. Authorities are particularly interested in obtaining dashcam footage or doorbell footage that may have captured the vehicle’s journey from Roch to the accident site.

The local community has come together during this difficult time to offer support and assistance. HM Coastguard in Broad Haven played a critical role in providing immediate aid, organizing a helicopter site, and supporting paramedics in their efforts to care for the casualties. The Welsh Ambulance Service also responded swiftly, dispatching six emergency ambulances, a high acuity response unit, and an operations manager to the scene. They were further assisted by the emergency medical and retrieval transfer service and a search and rescue helicopter.

The incident at Newgale campsite serves as a solemn reminder of the fragility of life. What should have been a peaceful camping trip turned into a horrifying ordeal for those involved. As the investigation continues, the community stands together, offering their thoughts and prayers to the injured and their families. The authorities are urging anyone with information or footage related to this tragedy to come forward. It is only through the collective effort of the community that justice can be served, and steps can be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.


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