An Investigation Unfolds: New Developments in Salford Case

The investigation initiated by the discovery of a man’s torso in Salford has taken a dark turn with the recovery of more human remains in two separate locations. The victim, believed to be a man in his 60s, has not been publicly identified yet. However, the police have informed his family about his demise. The authorities disclosed that the victim had connections with two men who are presently in custody. These individuals are suspected to have cohabited with the victim, unraveling a complex web of relationships that the investigators are untangling.

Detailing the unfolding events, Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes mentioned that the inquiry has led them to probe four different crime scenes located in Salford and the Greater Manchester area. The most recent human remains were discovered at Salford’s Blackleach Reservoir and Linnyshaw Colliery Wood. Interestingly, the authorities were already on their way to search Colliery Wood when they were alerted by a member of the public about a package containing remains. Subsequently, additional remains were found at the reservoir, further solidifying the assumption that all recovered remains belong to the same victim.

Search Operations

Further intensifying the search, the police are scouring a warehouse in Bury where certain items connected to the incident were stored without the knowledge of the warehouse occupants. Additionally, a residence in Winton, where the victim is believed to have resided with the two detained suspects, is also being meticulously examined. The investigation timeline suggests that the victim likely met his unfortunate fate in late March, adding a sense of urgency to the ongoing search and analysis.

In a significant development, two individuals, aged 42 and 68 and hailing from Salford, were apprehended on suspicion of murder. These arrests were made following extensive scrutiny of CCTV footage and investigative efforts spanning weeks. Notably, the younger suspect was taken into custody after a dramatic bus interception on Eccles Old Road, while the elder individual was later located and arrested at a separate address. A third individual, a 20-year-old, was previously arrested but has since been released on bail pending further investigations.

Detective Superintendent Hughes stressed the importance of continued public cooperation, urging anyone with relevant information to come forward. In particular, the authorities are keen on hearing from witnesses, such as dog walkers, who were in the vicinity between 6 am and 6 pm on the day the initial discovery was made. Despite the progress made in identifying and detaining suspects, the investigators remain vigilant and open to exploring all leads that may aid in unraveling the full extent of this harrowing incident.


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