Apple’s Safari Browser Rumored to Get AI-Powered Upgrade

Apple’s Safari web browser is on the verge of a major upgrade, with reports suggesting the integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features. One of the most noteworthy features mentioned in the reports is Intelligent Search. This feature is rumored to utilize Apple’s on-device AI technology, particularly the language-learning model Ajax, to summarize web pages and articles. The AI feature reportedly provides concise summaries of text in topic headlines and short paragraphs describing the main subjects. Notably, similar features are already being offered by Google and Microsoft.

Another AI-powered feature in the works for Safari 18 is a tool called Web Eraser. This feature is said to act as a content-blocking tool that enables users to remove any element from a web page. From banner ads to images to text, the Web Eraser tool allows users to customize their browsing experience by choosing which elements to block. It is even reported that Safari will remember the elements removed by a user even after the browsing session is over, providing a consistent browsing experience across visits to the same page.

Interface Changes

In addition to these AI-powered features, Safari will also be receiving a minor interface revamp. A new page controls menu is said to be added to the address bar, consolidating various tools and features that were previously spread across different menus. This menu is expected to include options to activate the Intelligent Search and Web Eraser features, as well as other tools like the ‘Aa’ reader mode and zoom functionality. The new interface will be standardized across both iOS 18 and macOS 15 versions of Safari, indicating a unified browsing experience across Apple devices.

Apple is reportedly enhancing its visual lookup feature, which currently exists within the Photos app and helps identify plants, pets, and landmarks from photos. The upcoming enhancement is said to be AI-powered, further improving the accuracy and performance of the visual recognition feature. This development showcases Apple’s commitment to integrating AI technology across its ecosystem of products and services.

Overall, the rumored upgrades to Safari indicate Apple’s dedication to enhancing the user experience and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its browser. The integration of AI-powered features like Intelligent Search and Web Eraser could revolutionize how users interact with web content, streamlining the browsing experience and offering personalized control over content. With a standardized interface across iOS and macOS, Apple is aiming to create a seamless browsing experience for users across all Apple devices. The enhancement of the visual lookup feature further demonstrates Apple’s dedication to leveraging AI for innovative solutions. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology, users can expect Safari to become a more intelligent and intuitive browser in the near future.


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