Box Office Weekend Recap: Bottoms Breaks Into Top Ten Films

In its second weekend in theaters, MGM and director Emma Seligman’s teen comedy Bottoms broke into the top ten films for the weekend on 715 screens, a significant expansion from its initial 10-theater opening. This article will discuss the box office performance of Bottoms, as well as other films that had notable showings over the weekend.

Bottoms, a raunchy comedy about two queer high school girls who start a fight club, exceeded expectations by performing well outside of New York and Los Angeles, even in suburban areas. The film has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audience members, with a 95% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Exit polling has also been strong, indicating that audiences are enjoying the film. MGM reported that 91% of viewers placed the film in the top two boxes, and 86% would recommend it to others. The buzz surrounding Bottoms on social media is also noteworthy, with the film generating a high volume of conversation compared to other theatrical comedies released in recent years.

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, Bottoms grossed an estimated $3 million over three days and $3.6 million over four days. This translates to a per-screen average of $4,206 and $5,019, respectively. The film is expected to continue expanding its theatrical run, with approximately 1,200 screens planned for the upcoming weekend. As of now, Bottoms has accumulated over $4.3 million in ticket sales, an impressive feat considering its budget of $11.3 million.

A4’s Talk To Me, a low-budget horror film from Australian brothers and popular YouTubers Danny and Michael Philippou, achieved a milestone by becoming A24’s highest-grossing horror movie to date. It earned an estimated $44.575 million over the four-day weekend on 1,075 screens, surpassing the previous record set by Hereditary ($44.069 million). Talk To Me has been a box office success since its late July release, and it currently sits at number ten on the domestic box office charts after six weeks in theaters. It grossed $1.76 million over the three-day weekend and $2.24 million over four days.

Bleecker Street’s Golda, starring Helen Mirren, had a solid second week, grossing an estimated $769,723 over three days and $971,647 over four days. The film played on 791 screens and achieved a per-screen average of $973 and $1,228, respectively. Golda’s cumulative box office total stands at $3.38 million.

For The Hill, starring Dennis Quaid, also had a decent second week, projecting a three-day gross of $1.44 million and a four-day gross of $1.91 million across 1,703 locations. The film’s total box office earnings now amount to $5.2 million.

One notable mention among the new releases this weekend was Vertical’s The Good Mother, featuring Hilary Swank and directed by Miles Joris-Payrafitte. Although specific numbers are limited, the film reportedly earned an estimated $304,000 over three days and $367,000 over four days on 419 screens.

Bottoms has proven to be a surprise success at the box office, surpassing expectations with its strong performance outside major metropolitan areas. With positive reviews, high exit polling figures, and significant social media buzz, the film’s expansion to 1,200 screens next weekend is poised to bring in even more audiences. Additionally, Talk To Me, Golda, and For The Hill continue to perform well in their respective runs, showcasing the diverse range of films that found success over the Labor Day weekend.


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