Breaking News: New Cast Members Join K.J. Apa-Led Romantic Dramedy

Isabel May, Archie Renaux, Emma Laird, and Alex Jarrett have been announced as the latest additions to the cast of Falling, a romantic dramedy led by K.J. Apa. The film, written and directed by Colin Krisel and James Krisel, follows the story of Jack, a charming yet avoidant individual who takes a chance on love with Jillian, only to find himself in a complicated situation when his best friend Johnny also develops feelings for her.

Isabel May, known for her roles in Taylor Sheridan’s 1883 and the limited series Masters of the Air, brings a dynamic energy to the project. Archie Renaux, who has appeared in Morbius and the Netflix series Shadow and Bone, is set to portray Johnny, Jack’s best friend. Emma Laird, currently starring in Mayor of Kingstown, adds her talent to the ensemble, while Alex Jarrett, known for his work in Les Misérables, takes on a yet undisclosed role in the film.

Gulfstream Pictures is producing and financing Falling, in collaboration with Luber Roklin Entertainment. The film is currently being shot in London and Leeds, U.K., under the direction of Colin and James Krisel. The producers, including Mike Karz, Bill Bindley, Lena Roklin, and Matt Luber, are excited about the exceptional cast assembled for the project and are eager to share the story with audiences worldwide.

Isabel May, in addition to her role in Falling, is also set to star in the sci-fi horror film Menace. Archie Renaux will star in the upcoming movie Alien: Romulus, while Emma Laird continues her work on Mayor of Kingstown. Alex Jarrett, with credits in Les Misérables and Adult Material, brings his experience to the new project.

Isabel May is represented by CAA, Principal Entertainment LA, and Felker Toczek Suddleson. Archie Renaux is represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment, The Artists Partnership, and Granderson Des Rochers. Emma Laird’s representation includes CAA, Anonymous Content, United Agents, and Yorn, Levine, Barnes. Alex Jarrett is represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment and Middleweek Newton Talent Management.

Overall, the addition of Isabel May, Archie Renaux, Emma Laird, and Alex Jarrett to the cast of Falling brings a fresh energy and talent to the project. With filming currently underway and a talented team behind the scenes, the romantic dramedy is poised to capture the hearts of audiences around the world.


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