China’s Premier Defends Technological Advancement and Global Cooperation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang recently spoke at the opening of the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos” meeting in Dalian, China, where he defended his country’s technological development. He emphasized that China’s rapid rise in new industries is rooted in its unique comparative advantages. These advantages include a large market, industrial network, labor force, diverse application scenarios, and receptive consumers. According to Li, these factors are crucial in helping China’s emerging industries gain competitiveness.

Tensions have been on the rise between China and the EU, particularly regarding imports of Chinese electric cars. The EU announced plans to impose tariffs on these imports, while the U.S. has stated its intention to raise duties on Chinese electric vehicles to 100%. China and the EU have reportedly agreed to discuss the potential tariffs. Li emphasized the importance of international cooperation in determining human development and stressed the need to avoid confrontation.

Li urged countries to embrace each other with open arms, highlighting the importance of global cooperation. He called for an inclusive approach to international relations and emphasized the need to reject confrontational tactics. Li’s remarks come at a time when tensions between major economies like China, the EU, and the U.S. are running high.

During his meetings with leaders from Poland and Vietnam, Li expressed China’s hope that the EU would objectively view the country’s development and create a fair market environment. He emphasized the importance of fair trade practices and the need for a level playing field in global trade. Li’s call for fair market practices reflects China’s commitment to promoting a rules-based international trading system.

Despite external challenges and uncertainties, Li remains confident in China’s economic prospects. He stated that China’s economic growth would remain steady in the second quarter and expressed confidence in achieving the official growth target of 5% for the year. Li cited recent economic data, including positive retail sales figures and stable exports, as indicators of China’s resilience and economic strength.

Li reiterated China’s commitment to supporting technological innovation and businesses, noting that these sectors play a crucial role in driving economic growth. He highlighted China’s efforts to enhance support for its aging population and leverage it as a new driver of growth. Li emphasized the importance of maintaining the economic “roots” healthy through targeted policies aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Premier Li’s remarks at the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos” meeting shed light on China’s continued commitment to technological advancement and global cooperation. Despite challenges and tensions in the international trade landscape, China remains focused on promoting fair market practices, supporting innovation, and achieving its economic growth targets. Li’s call for open-armed cooperation and inclusive international relations underscores China’s role as a key player in shaping the future of the global economy.


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