China’s Technological Progress

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized during a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that China’s technological progress cannot be hindered. Xi made it clear that the Chinese people have legitimate development rights and that no force can impede China’s scientific and technological advancements.

The strained relations between China and the Netherlands were highlighted during the meeting, particularly due to the export restrictions imposed by the Netherlands and the U.S. regarding advanced chip technology. This move was made over concerns that the technology could potentially be utilized for military purposes, further complicating the relationship between the two countries.

The restrictions on exports have significantly impacted Chinese companies, with Dutch tech giant ASML being prohibited from exporting extreme ultraviolet lithography machines to China. These machines are essential for chip manufacturing and are utilized by companies like TSMC to produce advanced chips. This restriction has hindered China’s progress in the semiconductor industry.

President Xi emphasized the importance of cooperation and dialogue between China and the Netherlands. He urged the Dutch government to create a fair and transparent business environment for Chinese enterprises, indicating that cooperation is the only way forward. Xi cautioned against creating technological barriers, stating that such actions would only lead to division and confrontation.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte also expressed his country’s stance on export restrictions, highlighting that the impact is always aimed to be limited and not targeted at any specific country. Rutte reiterated the importance of fairness and transparency in trade relations, particularly in the semiconductor industry.

The meeting between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Mark Rutte shed light on the complexities of international trade relations, particularly in the technological sector. Despite the challenges and restrictions, the call for cooperation and dialogue remains essential for fostering innovation and progress in the global technological landscape.


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