Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Advocates for Increased Minority Ownership in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, is making a strong push for increased minority involvement at the ownership level in NFL franchises. In a recent interview, Jones expressed his desire to address inequity within the league and create opportunities for individuals from minority backgrounds to become owners in the NFL. This comes in the wake of a racial discrimination lawsuit filed against the league, putting the spotlight on the need for greater diversity in ownership positions.

Jones, who himself faced financial challenges when acquiring the Cowboys, believes that it is possible for qualified potential buyers from minority backgrounds to enter the ownership realm. He acknowledges that the process may be difficult, but emphasizes the importance of exploring multiple avenues to address inequity. While he recognizes that increasing minority ownership is not the only solution, Jones views it as a crucial step towards fostering greater diversity and inclusivity within the NFL.

The backdrop of Jones’ comments is a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by former NFL Media employee, Jim Trotter, against the NFL. Trotter alleges that Jones made a statement in front of a group of people, including Trotter himself, suggesting that Blacks should buy their own team if they have grievances. However, Jones firmly denies the accuracy of these allegations and reaffirms his respect and friendship for Trotter.

Engaging in Dialogue

Jones has been in discussions with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding ways to increase interest in minority ownership. He recognizes the importance of bringing in influential figures from diverse backgrounds, such as basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson, who has become an investor with the new ownership of the Washington Commanders. Jones greatly values Johnson’s ambassadorship and expresses his eagerness to have him involved in the NFL.

The Financial Landscape

Jones acknowledges that financial hurdles have significantly increased in recent years, making ownership acquisitions more challenging. However, he believes that there are still qualified individuals from minority backgrounds who have the potential to become owners in the NFL. Furthermore, he highlights that the changing landscape of the country has allowed for greater opportunities, with individuals who may not have been able to enter the league as owners twenty years ago now finding avenues of entry.

Jones stresses the importance of sharing thoughts and ideas with others who are interested in minority ownership. He firmly believes that open dialogue and collaboration will help pave the way for a more diverse ownership landscape in the NFL. By addressing the issue head-on and actively working towards solutions, Jones hopes to inspire other owners in the league to join the conversation and take steps towards creating a more inclusive environment.

An Optimistic Future

As the NFL continues to evolve, the conversation around diversity and inclusivity is gaining traction. Jerry Jones’ advocacy for increased minority ownership is a significant step towards making the league more representative of the diverse communities it serves. By challenging the status quo and encouraging dialogue, Jones is setting an example for other owners to follow. With continued efforts and collaboration, the NFL has the potential to become a more inclusive and equitable organization, both on and off the field.


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