Disney+ Hotstar Sets New Viewership Record During India vs New Zealand Match at World Cup 2023

In a stunning turn of events, Disney+ Hotstar has once again broken its own viewership record during the India vs New Zealand semi-finals match at the World Cup 2023. This marks the second time that the streaming platform has set a new peak live concurrent viewers record during the tournament. Previously, the record stood at 4.3 crore, but on this remarkable occasion, the live concurrent users crossed a staggering 50 million (5.1 crore to be precise).

This tremendous feat demonstrates the growing popularity and influence of Disney+ Hotstar, as millions of cricket fans flocked to the platform to catch the exhilarating match between India and New Zealand. The platform’s infrastructure stood the test of such immense traffic, showcasing its capabilities to deliver a seamless streaming experience to a massive audience.

The record-breaking spree during the World Cup did not begin with this match. Earlier, during the India vs Pakistan encounter on October 14, Disney+ Hotstar recorded an impressive 3.5 crore concurrent viewers, surpassing the previous record set during this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL) title clash. This remarkable achievement was soon surpassed again during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 match between India and New Zealand, where the viewership peaked at a remarkable 4.3 crore viewers.

The credit for these historic numbers can be attributed to Disney+ Hotstar’s strategic decision to stream the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup for free in an ad-supported format. This move came as a response to JioCinema’s successful venture during the IPL season earlier in the year, where all matches were also streamed for free on the platform. By adopting a similar strategy, Disney+ Hotstar successfully attracted a massive user base, contributing to the record-breaking peak concurrent viewership.

The remarkable viewership numbers witnessed during the World Cup highlight the growing popularity of streaming platforms for sports events. As traditional television viewership declines, more and more viewers are turning to digital platforms like Disney+ Hotstar to enjoy the excitement of live sports effortlessly. The convenience of streaming anytime, anywhere, combined with the ad-supported free viewing model, has undoubtedly attracted a massive cricket-loving audience.

With each record broken, Disney+ Hotstar solidifies its position as one of the leading streaming platforms for live sports in India. The company’s ability to handle high viewership numbers without compromising the streaming experience speaks volumes about its robust infrastructure and commitment to providing top-notch service. As the world of streaming continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to witness how Disney+ Hotstar and other platforms adapt to meet the growing demands of viewers worldwide.

The India vs New Zealand match at the World Cup 2023 not only showcased an intense battle on the field but also set a new benchmark for viewership on Disney+ Hotstar. Breaking its own records, the platform demonstrated its prowess in delivering an exceptional streaming experience to a massive audience. This achievement further highlights the shifting landscape of sports consumption, with streaming platforms playing a crucial role in capturing the attention and enthusiasm of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.


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