Exploring Huawei’s Rumored Virtual Reality Headset

In recent years, virtual reality (VR) technology has gained significant traction in various industries, including gaming, education, and healthcare. Now, the Chinese tech conglomerate Huawei is rumored to be working on its own VR headset, which will potentially compete with the likes of Apple’s Vision Pro. While details are still scarce, speculation suggests that Huawei’s VR offering will feature cutting-edge technology and a flagship processor. Let’s dive deeper into what we know so far and explore the potential impact of Huawei’s foray into the VR market.

According to a post by Twitter user Mochamad Farido Fanani, Huawei is preparing to launch a high-end VR headset by the end of 2024. While these claims should be approached with skepticism due to the user’s unverified track record, the prospect of Huawei entering the VR arena is intriguing. Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which supports both augmented reality (AR) and VR content, has set a high bar in terms of technology and user experience. Huawei will likely need to deliver comparable features and performance to compete effectively with Apple.

Although exact details about Huawei’s VR headset are scarce, Fanani mentioned that it will be powered by a flagship processor. This suggests that Huawei aims to provide users with a seamless and immersive VR experience. While we don’t know which specific chip will be used, it will be interesting to see if Huawei can match Apple’s approach. The Vision Pro utilizes two processors – Apple’s M2 chip for standard operations and a dedicated R1 chip for processing spatial input. If Huawei can develop a powerful and efficient processor combination, their VR headset could be a serious contender in the market.

Fanani also hinted at some design elements of Huawei’s VR glasses. The rumored headset is said to feature an internal fan-driven heat dissipation system for effective thermal management. This indicates that Huawei is prioritizing user comfort and preventing overheating during prolonged VR usage. Additionally, the device is expected to be powered by external batteries, similar to Apple’s first-generation Vision Pro headset. These design choices suggest that Huawei is paying attention to ergonomics and ensuring a hassle-free VR experience for users.

Huawei is not the only player venturing into the VR headset market. Fanani revealed that former Huawei sub-brand Honor is also developing its VR system. While details about Honor’s offering are scarce, the growing interest in VR technology among Chinese tech companies demonstrates the potential for innovative and competitive products in the near future. Additionally, Samsung is reportedly working on its ‘Infinite’ extended reality (XR) headset, which is expected to be released in the second half of 2024. This illustrates the fierce competition that Huawei will face from established players in the VR industry.

The rumored release of Huawei’s VR headset aligns with significant developments in the VR industry. In 2023, Xiaomi unveiled its Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, which combines both AR and VR functionalities. Oppo also launched its second “assisted reality” headset, the Oppo Air Glass 2, which boasts features such as voice-to-text capabilities and real-time translation. These advancements indicate that VR technology is rapidly evolving, and companies like Huawei must stay at the forefront of innovation to remain competitive.

As rumors circulate regarding Huawei’s entry into the VR headset market, it is clear that the company aims to position itself as a strong competitor to established players like Apple. While details about Huawei’s offering are limited, the proposed flagship processor and design choices indicate a commitment to delivering a high-quality VR experience. As the VR market continues to evolve, users can anticipate more innovative and immersive VR headsets from various companies. Only time will tell if Huawei can successfully challenge Apple’s dominance in the space, but the prospect of increased competition bodes well for consumers who seek the ultimate VR experience.


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