Exploring Tiger Woods’ New Brand: Sun Day Red

Tiger Woods, the renowned golf legend, has recently ended his long-standing partnership with Nike and has now joined forces with TaylorMade to create a new apparel and footwear performance and lifestyle brand. The collaboration between Woods and TaylorMade has resulted in the birth of a brand called Sun Day Red, which will be exclusively available online starting from May. This transition marks an important milestone in Woods’ career, as he sought to establish a brand that he can be proud of moving forward.

The name of the brand, Sun Day Red, holds a symbolic meaning for Woods. Throughout his career, he has consistently worn red on Sundays, and this name pays homage to that tradition. Additionally, the brand’s logo, a majestic tiger, serves as a tribute to the 15 major championships that Woods has achieved throughout his illustrious career. The announcement of this partnership took place during a press event in Pacific Palisades, California, preceding the PGA Tour’s Genesis Invitational, an event that Woods himself hosts.

Woods’ association with TaylorMade dates back to 2017 when he signed an equipment deal with the company. Since then, he has been using TaylorMade’s driver, fairway woods, irons, and wedges during his gameplay. Woods expressed his confidence in TaylorMade’s ability to deliver top-quality products, stating that he entrusted his choice to the company because they “get it right.” The relationship between Woods and TaylorMade has been a source of inspiration for both parties, with TaylorMade CEO David Abeles acknowledging Woods’ discipline and meticulous approach to product design.

The creation of Sun Day Red has given birth to an entirely new company, complete with its own headquarters and dedicated employees focused solely on the brand’s development. Abeles emphasized that Sun Day Red operates independently from TaylorMade, stating that there is no influence from the latter on this new venture. This separation ensures that the brand is free to establish its unique identity and stand alone in the market.

In breaking ties with Nike, Woods made a calculated business decision after 27 years of partnership. The golfer’s brand exposure may have diminished in recent times due to his injury-filled career and sporadic appearances at major tournaments. However, experts predict that this collaboration with TaylorMade will have a significant impact on both the brand’s and Woods’ brand equity. Just as Michael Jordan remains an iconic figure and Air Jordans continue to thrive, Woods’ enduring legacy continues to attract massive crowds and maintain a devoted fanbase.

While Woods may no longer dominate the golf course as frequently as before, his involvement in a new indoor, tech-focused golf league called TGL alongside Rory McIlroy provides an additional platform for exposure. With a broadcast deal on ESPN and the potential for widespread viewership, TaylorMade stands to gain substantial benefits from this partnership. The golfing community eagerly awaits the launch of TGL, and the association with Woods adds further excitement to the upcoming league.

Rumors of a collaboration between Woods and TaylorMade had been circulating for months. In March, TaylorMade established a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) called TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures, implying a potential partnership with Woods. The subsequent filing of trademarks by TaylorMade, including SUNDAY RED and various tiger logos, further fueled speculation regarding their collaboration. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben expressed admiration for this unique arrangement, suggesting that TaylorMade may have offered equity in the new company to Woods.

Tiger Woods’ association with TaylorMade and the creation of Sun Day Red usher in an exciting new chapter in his career. This collaboration not only allows Woods to establish a brand that reflects his values and traditions but also provides TaylorMade with a significant boost to its brand equity. As enthusiasts of the sport eagerly anticipate the launch of TGL, the partnership with Woods is poised to bring further attention and success to both the golfer and the brand.


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