Florida Atlantic’s Dusty May to Become Michigan’s Next Coach

After an impressive coaching run at Florida Atlantic University, Dusty May has agreed to become the next head coach at the University of Michigan. This decision comes after leading FAU to an improbable 2023 Final Four appearance and a spot in the 2024 NCAA tournament.

During his time at FAU, May managed to win an outstanding 60 games over the past two seasons, a feat that only two other teams in the country, Connecticut and Houston, have matched. This success caught the attention of several high-major programs, including Louisville and Vanderbilt, but May ultimately chose Michigan due to the strong alumni network and loyalty to the university and its athletics department.

May’s coaching style has been praised for its ability to transcend the transactional nature of modern college basketball, particularly in recruiting and retaining players. His approach has proven successful, as demonstrated by FAU’s recent achievements and Top 25 rankings, which were a first in school history.

Professional Journey

May’s coaching journey began six years ago when he took over a struggling FAU program. Since then, he has amassed an impressive record of 126-69, with no losing seasons. His .822 winning percentage over the past two years ranks as the fifth best in Division I, showcasing his ability to lead a team to success.

May will be stepping into big shoes as he replaces Juwan Howard, who was let go after five seasons at Michigan. Howard’s departure came after a last-place finish in the Big 10, making way for May to bring his coaching expertise and winning mentality to the Wolverines.

A graduate of Indiana University, May has a strong background in coaching, with assistant coaching stints at various universities including his alma mater, USC, Murray State, and more. His diverse experience has shaped his coaching philosophy and prepared him for his new role at Michigan.

Dusty May’s appointment as Michigan’s head coach marks a new chapter in his coaching career, one that is filled with promise and potential for continued success. His track record at FAU speaks for itself, and Wolverine fans can look forward to a bright future under his leadership.


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