Former Microsoft Product Chief Panos Panay to Join Amazon’s Devices and Services Unit

Former Microsoft product chief, Panos Panay, has been announced as the new head of Amazon’s devices and services unit. He will be replacing Dave Limp, who recently announced his departure after over 13 years at the company. The transition will take place at the end of October, with Limp remaining to assist with the process.

Panay, known for his extensive experience in both hardware and integrated services, will report directly to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. He will also join Jassy’s S-team, a group of key executives within the company. Panay’s background in product building and invention, as well as his success in overseeing Microsoft’s Windows operating-system business and Surface line of devices, makes him a valuable addition to Amazon’s devices and services division.

Panay’s arrival at Amazon comes at a critical juncture for the devices and services division. Under Jassy’s cost-cutting initiatives, the company has discontinued several unproven projects, including a video-calling device for kids and a roving sidewalk robot. This, along with the largest job cuts in Amazon’s history, has impacted morale within the hardware division. Current and former employees have expressed concerns regarding a perceived lack of major product developments.

With Panay’s appointment, there is renewed optimism for growth and innovation within Amazon’s devices and services unit. His expertise in hardware and integrated services aligns well with the company’s focus on creating innovative products for consumers. Panay’s track record at Microsoft, particularly with the profitable Windows operating-system business and the Surface line of devices, demonstrates his ability to lead successful ventures in the technology industry.

As Panay takes on this new role, strong leadership will be crucial in addressing the challenges faced by Amazon’s devices and services division. His experience and knowledge in the industry, combined with his proven ability to build and innovate, position him as a capable leader. Panay’s strategic vision and ability to motivate teams will be essential in driving the division forward and regaining momentum.

The appointment of Panos Panay as the head of Amazon’s devices and services unit marks a new chapter for the division. His extensive experience, particularly at Microsoft, brings valuable insights and expertise to the company. Despite the challenges faced by the division, Panay’s appointment offers renewed hope for growth, innovation, and success. With strong leadership and a focus on creating cutting-edge products, Amazon’s devices and services unit has the potential to thrive in the evolving technology landscape.


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