Gina Gershon Takes Risks in her Career and Stands up to Critics

Gina Gershon is not one to shy away from taking risks in her career. Early on, she found herself faced with a major decision when her agents tried to dissuade her from accepting the lead role in the 1996 film Bound. Despite their warnings that it would ruin her career, Gershon stood her ground and chose to work with talented first-time directors, the Wachowskis. The actress recalled the pressure she faced, saying, “We will not let you do this movie. You are ruining your career. We will not be able to let you represent. You will never work again.”

At the time, Gershon’s agency was hesitant about her taking on a queer role in Bound, following her previous performance in Showgirls. The actress was determined to challenge their narrow-mindedness and stereotypes. She believed in the script and the directors, and she was willing to take a stand. Gershon expressed her frustration with her agency’s reluctance, stating, “I really hated that, I thought it was so small-minded and short-sighted. And if that was what we were up against, I was in. I was into making a point, because I thought it was absolutely ridiculous.”

In Bound, Gershon plays Corky, a character who embarks on a dangerous love affair with Violet, portrayed by Jennifer Tilly. The film, written and directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, was not just about a sapphic relationship but also about trust and loyalty. Despite the initial resistance she faced, Gershon recognized the importance of the story and was determined to bring it to life on screen. She acknowledged the talent of the Wachowskis, praising them for their work.

By choosing to star in Bound and take on a challenging role, Gina Gershon defied industry norms and expectations. She refused to back down in the face of criticism and stood up for what she believed in. Gershon’s willingness to take risks and challenge stereotypes has not only shaped her career but also paved the way for more diverse and inclusive storytelling in Hollywood. The actress’s bravery and determination serve as an inspiration for others in the industry to break barriers and make their voices heard.


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