Guillermo del Toro Reflects on Why He Didn’t Direct the Pacific Rim Sequel

Renowned director Guillermo del Toro recently revealed the reasons behind his decision to step away from directing the Pacific Rim sequel. As the visionary behind the 2013 film, del Toro introduced audiences to a world where humans deploy massive humanoid mechas to fend off sea creatures emerging from the depths of the ocean. While he was initially signed on to helm the sequel, he ultimately relinquished the position due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lost Stages and Shifting Priorities

Del Toro’s departure as director stemmed from the unavailability of the sound stages he had in mind for the film. In a recent interview with Collider, del Toro recounted the fateful turn of events, stating, “We were getting ready to do it, it was different from the first, but it had a continuation of many of the things that I was trying to do. Then what happened is—I mean, this is why life’s crazy, right?—they had to give a deposit for the stages at 5 p.m. or we would lose the stages in Toronto for many months.” The clock struck five, and the stages slipped through their grasp.

With the loss of the coveted stages, the production team proposed shooting the sequel in China. However, Del Toro, focused on another project, The Shape of Water, which later won the prestigious Best Picture Oscar in 2017, declined the offer. Reflecting on the circumstances, he humorously remarked, “What do you mean we? [Laughs] I’ve gotta go do Shape of Water.”

Del Toro admitted that he purposefully did not watch Pacific Rim: Uprising, the final product of his beloved franchise. Offering a relatable analogy, he compared it to “watching home movies from your ex-wife.” The director expressed his aversion to both positive and negative reactions, asserting that he simply did not want to know. He did, however, read the final script and noted its divergence from his original vision.

A Handover in Direction

Del Toro’s decision to step back from directing the sequel allowed Steven S. DeKnight to take the reins as director for Pacific Rim: Uprising. Despite not watching the final film, Del Toro remained involved in the project as a producer. Through his continued involvement, he ensured that his creative input and expertise were not entirely lost.

Guillermo del Toro’s departure from directing the Pacific Rim sequel was a result of unfortunate circumstances rather than a lack of interest or creative differences. While he may not have witnessed the final film, his contributions as the creator of the original Pacific Rim undoubtedly laid the foundation for the franchise’s continued success.


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