Hunter Biden Indicted on Multiple Counts: A Closer Look

The news broke on Thursday that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has been indicted on three criminal counts related to his possession of a firearm. This development comes after a deal with federal prosecutors unexpectedly fell through, leaving Hunter Biden facing serious charges.

In the indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware, Hunter Biden is charged with two counts of lying about his unlawful drug use in connection with his purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver. These charges raise concerns about his honesty and transparency. It is worth noting that Hunter Biden has been open about his struggles with substance abuse, which adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

The Collapse of the Deal

Prior to these charges, Hunter Biden had appeared in federal court intending to plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal tax charges. His attorneys had also reached a pretrial diversion agreement with prosecutors regarding an unrelated firearms charge. However, the agreement fell apart when the presiding judge questioned the details of the agreement. This turn of events raises questions about the level of communication and coordination between Hunter Biden’s legal team and the prosecution.

The Not Guilty Plea

During the court hearing, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the charges of failing to pay federal taxes on more than $1.5 million annually in 2017 and 2018. It is important to note that the tax bill in question has since been repaid. However, the not guilty plea further complicates the case and highlights the high stakes involved.

Since the collapse of the previous agreement, U.S. Attorney David Weiss and Hunter Biden’s lawyers have engaged in a back-and-forth argument in court filings about whether the agreement remains valid. This legal battle raises important questions about the rule of law and how agreements are interpreted and upheld. The resolution of this dispute will have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

The Role of Special Counsel

It is worth mentioning that Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as a special counsel to oversee Hunter Biden’s case. This appointment carries great weight and adds another layer of complexity to the situation. The involvement of a special counsel indicates the seriousness of the charges and the need for impartial oversight.

The Anticipated Indictment

In September, U.S. Attorney David Weiss hinted that an indictment would be filed by the end of the month. This suggests that the prosecution has been working diligently to build a strong case against Hunter Biden. The impending indictment puts additional pressure on both sides to prepare for the upcoming legal battle.

The indictment of Hunter Biden on multiple counts related to his possession of a firearm raises serious concerns about his actions and integrity. The collapse of the previous agreement, the plea of not guilty, and the ongoing legal battle over the prior agreement only add to the complexity of the situation. As the case progresses, the public will closely watch the developments and the impact they may have on the reputation of the Biden family and the administration.


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