Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi Criticizes New MLS Rules

Inter Miami’s star player, Lionel Messi, expressed his frustration with the new Major League Soccer rule that mandates an injured player to leave the field for two minutes. This new regulation came into play during a recent match against Montreal, where Messi was brought down by a foul from Montreal defender George Campbell. Despite the obvious foul, Campbell did not receive a yellow card for his actions, leading to Messi being forced to exit the pitch in a crucial moment of the game.

Miami’s coach, Gerardo Martino, also voiced his team’s discontent with the new rule. He argued that situations like Messi’s injury, where the foul was clear and deserving of a yellow card, should not result in the harmed team being penalized. Martino emphasized the need for a revision of the rules to ensure fair play and proper enforcement of penalties for fouls on the field.

The issues with the new MLS rules did not stop with Messi’s injury. Another incident occurred when Luis Suárez failed to leave the field in under 10 seconds during a substitution, causing further frustration for Inter Miami. This delay led to the team playing with 10 men in the final moments of the match, affecting their performance and potentially the outcome of the game.

Despite the challenges posed by the new rules, Inter Miami managed to secure a victory over Montreal, maintaining their position at the top of the Eastern Conference table. With 27 points in 13 games and an impressive 8-2-3 record, the team continues to strive for success despite the obstacles presented by the MLS regulations.

The recent incidents involving Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez highlight the flaws and frustrations associated with the new Major League Soccer rules. The need for a fair and consistent application of regulations is essential to ensure that teams like Inter Miami can compete on a level playing field and achieve their goals on the field. It is imperative that MLS revisits these rules to address the concerns raised by players, coaches, and fans alike, in order to uphold the integrity and fairness of the game.


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