Introducing the Latest Samsung Quick Charge 45W Power Bank

Samsung has recently released a new 20,000mAh power bank in the UK, the Samsung Quick Charge 45W power bank. This power bank is the successor to Samsung’s 10,000mAh power bank that was released at the end of 2022. With an improved 45W output, it is capable of charging compatible devices at a faster rate. What sets this power bank apart is its eco-friendly manufacturing process, as it is made using recycled materials.

The Samsung 20,000mAh power bank, as revealed on Mobile Fun, features a sleek and minimal design, similar to its predecessor. It sports a curved body and comes in a single beige color. Notably, Samsung’s official website has not yet listed the product, making this early release quite intriguing for tech enthusiasts.

The new power bank is equipped with three USB Type-C ports, an upgrade from the previous model that had only two ports. However, despite the increase in ports, the power bank can only charge two devices simultaneously. When charging two devices at once, the maximum power output is limited to 9W. On the other hand, with its impressive 45W maximum power output, this power bank can charge all Galaxy smartphones at their fastest speeds, including the recently launched Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24+.

Moreover, Samsung has incorporated a reset button next to the port. This feature allows users to reset the power bank by pressing the button for 7.5 seconds in case of any glitches or issues with charging.

Samsung’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the manufacturing of this power bank. The 20,000mAh power bank is made from UL-certified recycled materials, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations set by Underwriter Laboratories, a renowned third-party certification company.

The Samsung 20,000mAh power bank comes with a USB Type-C to USB Type-C charging cable, which serves a dual purpose. Users can not only charge other devices using this cable but also use it to recharge the power bank. The cable has a convenient length of 20cm, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Interestingly, this is not the first 20,000mAh power bank released by Samsung. The company has previously introduced a 20,000mAh, 25W power bank exclusively in the Levant region. However, this new model stands out due to its improved 45W output. As of now, the release date for other markets, including India, has not been disclosed by Samsung.

The Samsung Quick Charge 45W power bank offers an impressive charging solution for users on the go. With its increased power output, eco-friendly construction, and sleek design, this power bank is a welcome addition to Samsung’s accessory lineup.


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