Is it Time for Rishi Sunak to Resign as Prime Minister?

Former cabinet minister Sir Simon Clarke has recently made a bold move by calling for Rishi Sunak to step down as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This unexpected stance has raised eyebrows within the Conservative Party and the general public. Sir Simon, the Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, argues that Sunak has transformed from an asset to an anchor, and under his leadership, the party is headed towards an electoral massacre.

In his compelling article published in The Telegraph, Sir Simon Clarke expresses concerns about the potential long-term consequences of Sunak’s leadership. He warns that the country is on the brink of being run by Keir Starmer’s Labour Party for a decade or more. Additionally, Sir Simon predicts that Nigel Farage, should he enter the political arena once again, poses a significant risk of causing the extinction of the Conservative Party. These alarming prospects have led Sir Simon to conclude that Sunak’s uninspiring leadership is the primary obstacle to the party’s recovery.

This plea for resignation comes at a time when Rishi Sunak is facing multiple challenges. Falling approval ratings and discontent within his party over the deportation plan for asylum seekers have further weakened his position. Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby revealed that several letters of no confidence in Sunak have been submitted to the backbench 1922 Committee of the Conservative Party, signaling a growing dissatisfaction within the party ranks.

Nadine Dorries, a Boris Johnson loyalist who previously resigned from the House of Commons, has voiced her support for Sir Simon’s call for resignation. Dorries has been a vocal critic of Sunak and regularly speaks out against him. However, it is crucial to note that not all Conservatives share this sentiment. Former defence and trade secretary Sir Liam Fox cautioned against self-indulgence and tribalism within the party, emphasizing the consequences of destabilizing the government in an election year. Similarly, former Brexit secretary Sir David Davis highlighted the duty of MPs to prioritize the UK’s best interests over personal leadership ambitions.

Unsurprisingly, opposition parties have seized the opportunity to criticize the ruling Conservative Party. Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth described the government as failing and divided, incapable of addressing the pressing issues facing the country. He used this situation as evidence that it is time for a change, with Labour offering a plan to navigate the future. Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Daisy Cooper found it ludicrous that the Conservative Party would even consider installing a fourth prime minister without giving voters a say.

Priti Patel, former home secretary, called for the Conservative Party to unite and focus on serving the people of the country. She argued that engaging in self-indulgence and division only benefits their opponents, and it is crucial to prioritize delivering for the nation. Damian Green, a prominent figure in the One Nation wing of the Conservative Party, openly denounced Sir Simon’s call for resignation.

The question of whether Rishi Sunak should resign as prime minister remains open. It is clear that he is facing substantial challenges and growing criticism from within his own party. The Conservative Party must decide whether a change in leadership is necessary to avoid potential electoral disaster and to regain public trust. However, considering the potential repercussions and the need for stability, the party must carefully assess the situation before making any hasty decisions.

Sir Simon Clarke’s call for Rishi Sunak’s resignation has sparked significant debate within the Conservative Party. The concerns raised about Sunak’s uninspiring leadership and the potential electoral consequences have taken center stage. As the party faces a tumultuous period, it remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether a change in leadership will occur.


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