Isabela Merced Talks About Her Role in DC Film Superman Legacy and The Last of Us Season 2

Isabela Merced, known for her role in Sony and Marvel’s Madame Web, is set to make her foray into the DC Universe as she takes on the role of Hawkgirl in the upcoming film Superman Legacy. During the world premiere of the Marvel film she co-stars in alongside Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, Merced sat down with Deadline to discuss her experience in landing the role in the DC film.

Merced expressed her admiration for director James Gunn and his team, stating, “James Gunn is one of those guys that like has a group of people around him at all times taking care of his movies, and they’re just the best of the best. They’re so good at what they do and you trust them so much that the communication is uncanny. And I’m just happy to be a part of it. I’m happy that he trusts me.” This trust is reflected in the fact that Merced now has Gunn’s direct phone number and can easily communicate with him via text.

Merced shed some light on the extensive audition process for her role in Superman Legacy. She explained, “The tests were extensive” and “The auditions were extensive.” This suggests the level of dedication and effort both the filmmakers and the actors put into finding the right fit for each character in the film.

With production for Superman Legacy about to begin, Merced is juggling a tight shooting schedule this year. In addition to her role in the DC film, she has also started shooting the second season of the highly anticipated TV adaptation of The Last of Us. Merced expressed her excitement about the project, stating, “The stars are truly aligning.” She teased that some of her long-time friends in the industry have joined the cast, including a future superstar. While she couldn’t reveal the newcomer’s identity, Merced had only praise for her co-star Kaitlyn Dever, calling her “one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with.”

Merced shared her enthusiasm for The Last of Us and her experience working with showrunner Craig Mazin. She revealed, “I was a huge fan of the second game. I played it in, like, one weekend. And then I wondered, how is this going to translate onto TV.” Merced commended Mazin’s genius and his ability to bring the characters to life in such a short amount of time. Her admiration for Mazin’s talent and expertise adds to the excitement surrounding the highly anticipated TV adaptation of the popular video game.

Isabela Merced’s involvement in both Superman Legacy and The Last of Us Season 2 showcases her growing presence in the entertainment industry. Her praise for James Gunn and Craig Mazin reflects the level of talent and dedication of the individuals involved in these projects. Fans eagerly await the release of Superman Legacy and the second season of The Last of Us, as Merced continues to establish herself as a rising star in both the DC Universe and the world of television adaptations.


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