Justice Served: Man Jailed for Brutal Murder of 10-Month-Old Baby

A man has been sentenced to a minimum of 28 years in prison for the “vicious” murder of his 10-month-old stepson, Jacob Crouch. Craig Crouch was found guilty of repeatedly assaulting the baby, causing injuries comparable to those seen in car crash victims. The case unfolded during a seven-week trial at Derby Crown Court, which revealed a disturbing culture of cruelty towards the infant. Alongside the conviction of Craig Crouch, Jacob’s mother, Gemma Barton, was also found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and child cruelty, resulting in a 10-year prison sentence.

Jacob Crouch’s father, Andrew Smith, expressed his heartbreaking loss in a statement read out during the trial. Having already separated from Barton when Jacob was born, Smith lamented the fact that he never had the opportunity to meet his son. He will never experience the joy of witnessing Jacob’s first steps or hearing his first words. Smith struggled to comprehend the motives behind the harm inflicted on their child and questioned how someone could cause such severe injuries. While the conviction brought some measure of justice for Jacob’s father, he acknowledged that it would never be enough to ease the pain of his loss.

Mr. Justice Kerr, presiding over the case, described Craig Crouch as an unlikely murderer but emphasized his domineering, aggressive, and arrogant behavior. The judge highlighted the prolonged and intense harm inflicted on Jacob, affirming that Crouch showed no remorse for his actions. Crouch subjected the baby to physical and mental suffering, initially causing bruising and eventually fracturing ribs. The gravity of the injuries inflicted on the helpless child astounded medical professionals. Jacob had 39 rib fractures, 19 visible bruises, and internal injuries akin to those seen in car crash victims or individuals who had suffered a significant fall from a height.

The post-mortem examination conducted after Jacob’s tragic death revealed that he died from peritonitis—an infection of the abdominal organs caused by a traumatic bowel perforation. Dr. Michael Biggs, a forensic pathologist, testified that only blunt force trauma, such as a punch, kick, or stamp, could have caused the fatal injury. The injury to his bowel was so severe that it resulted in a life-threatening infection. The examination also unveiled the extent of Jacob’s other injuries, highlighting the magnitude of the pain he endured. Detectives involved in the investigation revealed that Jacob likely suffered significant pain throughout his short life due to the repeated assaults he endured.

Throughout the trial, Craig Crouch maintained his innocence, claiming that Jacob’s injuries had nothing to do with him. He insisted that he did not witness anyone hurting the baby and suggested that the injuries may have been caused by Jacob’s own actions. However, a consultant pediatrician dismissed Crouch’s explanation as impossible given the severity and nature of the injuries. Gemma Barton, Jacob’s mother, similarly denied harming her child and pointed the blame towards Crouch. In text exchanges between the pair, disturbing conversations were revealed where they referred to Jacob as the “devil” and discussed cruel punishments, such as feeding him his own vomit and physically harming him.

Gemma Barton, despite being cleared of murder and manslaughter charges, still faced serious consequences for allowing the death of her child and child cruelty. Her defense argued that she was effectively isolated and subjected to coercive and controlling behavior by Crouch. It was suggested that she failed to protect Jacob on the fatal night and should have been aware of the risk posed by her partner. However, the jury held Barton accountable for her actions, resulting in a 10-year prison sentence. She will forever bear the weight of the jury’s verdict and the tragic outcome of her failure to safeguard her own child.

The conviction and sentencing of Craig Crouch and Gemma Barton offer a glimmer of justice for the innocent life taken too soon. Jacob Crouch’s suffering at the hands of his stepfather is a harrowing reminder of the vulnerability of children and the need for strong safeguards against abuse. The trial shed light on a culture of cruelty that persisted for six months, leading to Jacob’s untimely demise. While the sentences handed down provide some solace for Jacob’s grieving father and the community impacted by this tragedy, they will never undo the irreversible loss suffered. May this case serve as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance, support, and protection for those who cannot defend themselves.


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