Microsoft Extends Support for Surface Devices with New Update Policy

Microsoft Surface owners can now rejoice as the tech giant has announced an extended support window for its Surface devices. The company recently modified its timeline for firmware and driver updates, providing two additional years of software support for selected models. This new update policy ensures that Surface owners who purchased their devices in 2021 will continue to receive updates until 2029.

In a recent update to its lifecycle policy, Microsoft decided to extend the support window for Surface computers. While this extension only applies to models launched in 2021, it brings good news to Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Laptop Go 3 owners. The Surface Pro 7+ will receive updates until the beginning of 2027, while the Surface Laptop Go 3 will enjoy up to six years of updates until October 2029.

Implications for Older Models

Unfortunately, not all Surface devices are eligible for this extended support. The Surface Pro (5th Gen), released in June 2017, will receive its final update by January 2024. Similarly, the support for the Surface Pro 7 will end in February. It is crucial for Surface users to note these dates to ensure they make the most out of their devices before the end of the update cycle.

Microsoft has provided a comprehensive list of Surface models that will enjoy support until the second half of 2029. These include the Surface Go 4, which will receive updates until September 2029. Additionally, both the Surface Laptop Go 3 and the Surface Laptop Studio 2 will be supported until October 2029. However, the availability of support for different operating systems will vary based on the launch date of each device.

Microsoft emphasizes that driver and firmware updates for Surface devices are contingent upon Windows OS versions released up to 30 months prior to the device’s launch. Even after the end of firmware and driver updates, Surface devices will continue to receive updates according to the Windows Lifecycle Policy. This ensures that users can still enjoy a secure and up-to-date experience, even if the device-specific updates have ceased.

The extended support window announced by Microsoft showcases the company’s dedication to providing a reliable and long-lasting experience for Surface device owners. By offering two additional years of software support, customers who purchased their devices in 2021 can rest assured that their devices will remain updated and secure until 2029. With this new update policy, Microsoft enables Surface users to maximize the longevity and functionality of their devices, reaffirming their commitment to delivering top-notch products and support.


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