Netflix Will Not Release Standalone App for Apple Vision Pro: Limitations and Implications

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming platform, has decided not to release a standalone app for the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro. This decision comes as a surprise to many, considering the popularity of both Netflix and Apple products. The Apple Vision Pro, a spatial computer priced at $3,499, is set to launch in the US next month. However, Netflix subscribers will have to find alternative ways to access the platform’s content on this new device.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix will not offer a dedicated app for customers who purchase the Apple Vision Pro. This means that subscribers will not be able to stream their favorite shows and movies through a standalone app. Instead, they will have to resort to streaming via a web browser, similar to how Mac users currently access Netflix.

While Netflix will still be accessible on the Apple Vision Pro, subscribers will face some limitations. For example, offline download support will not be available, meaning users won’t be able to download content for later viewing. Additionally, video quality settings will be limited, potentially affecting the viewing experience for some users. Furthermore, the lack of “Environments” will prevent Netflix users from enjoying content with immersive backgrounds, which could be disappointing for those seeking a more engaging viewing experience.

Netflix’s absence as a dedicated app on the Apple Vision Pro becomes more glaring when compared to other streaming services. Apple recently announced that several popular streaming apps, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Paramount+, will have dedicated apps on the Vision Pro. This means that users of these platforms will enjoy a seamless and optimized experience on the new device.

Netflix’s streaming quality is also a concern. While Safari and Microsoft Edge support streaming at 4K resolution, popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera are severely limited when it comes to streaming quality. This limitation could impact the overall viewing experience for Netflix subscribers who rely on these browsers.

The decision not to release a standalone app for the Apple Vision Pro raises questions about Netflix’s priorities and its relationship with Apple. Despite being the most popular streaming platform worldwide, Netflix chose not to be part of the initial lineup of dedicated apps for this highly anticipated device. This decision could potentially prompt users to explore alternative streaming services that offer a better integrated experience on the Vision Pro.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will reconsider its stance if the Vision Pro launches in other markets outside of the US. With Apple’s vast user base and the growing demand for immersive viewing experiences, Netflix might face pressure to prioritize compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro.

Netflix’s decision not to release a standalone app for the Apple Vision Pro comes as a disappointment to many subscribers. The limitations and lack of optimal streaming quality on this new device could potentially affect the overall user experience. As the launch of the Vision Pro approaches, users and industry observers will closely monitor any changes in Netflix’s stance and potential future developments in this ongoing partnership between Netflix and Apple.


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