OpenAI Partners with Common Sense Media to Promote Safe Use of Artificial Intelligence for Teens

In an effort to ensure safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) among teenagers, OpenAI has teamed up with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making technology accessible and secure for children. This partnership aims to develop AI guidelines, education materials, and curated language models that align with Common Sense’s rating and standards. The collaboration seeks to address important questions surrounding AI, including its impact on learning, human rights, and the potential spread of misinformation.

Empowering Teens with AI Education Resources

One of the primary objectives of this collaboration is to provide teenagers with the necessary knowledge and resources to harness the power of AI safely. As part of their educational experience, teens should learn how to navigate the complexities and limitations of AI technology. By developing AI guidelines and education materials, OpenAI and Common Sense Media hope to equip teenagers with the skills to responsibly engage with AI, fostering a love for learning and enabling them to make informed decisions.

Recognizing the significance of parental involvement in shaping teenagers’ AI usage, OpenAI and Common Sense Media aim to cater to both parents and educators. Collaboratively, they will develop family-friendly language models that adhere to Common Sense’s rating and standards. These models will undergo careful curation to ensure that they provide useful and age-appropriate insights while minimizing potential risks. By involving parents and educators, this partnership seeks to create a support system that guides teenagers in their AI interactions.

The Role of Common Sense AI Ratings and Reviews

As a part of their mission to promote tech safety, Common Sense Media has been working on establishing an AI ratings and review system. This system will serve as a valuable resource for parents, children, and educators seeking to understand the risks and benefits associated with AI technology. By rating and reviewing different AI applications, Common Sense aims to enhance transparency and provide an informed perspective, facilitating responsible decision-making among users.

OpenAI’s Commitment to Accessibility

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed the company’s dedication to making beneficial AI widely available, especially to those without easy access. OpenAI’s mission focuses on democratizing AI by ensuring it is freely accessible to individuals around the world. By partnering with Common Sense Media, OpenAI aims to extend the availability of educational AI resources to a broader audience, bridging the gap and empowering those who may not have had prior exposure to such technologies.

The collaboration between OpenAI and Common Sense Media also seeks to address concerns surrounding AI. Craig Newmark Philanthropies, which supports Common Sense’s AI and education initiative, highlighted concerns related to the misuse of AI by bad actors. OpenAI acknowledges these risks and is committed to setting up a robust response effort to counteract any malicious use of AI technology. Their focus on responsible development and deployment of AI demonstrates a dedication to ensuring the integrity and safety of AI systems.

Looking towards the future, Sam Altman envisions a world where personalized AI experiences are accessible to every individual, regardless of age. OpenAI recognizes the potential of AI in enhancing learning and sees the value in tailored AI models for educational purposes. By customizing large language models (LLMs) specifically for educational use, OpenAI aims to facilitate personalized and engaging learning experiences, catering to the unique interests and needs of each individual learner.

Preparing for the Impact of Deepfakes

As the upcoming elections approach, concerns about the use of deepfake technology to deceive people have arisen. OpenAI acknowledges the potential problems associated with AI-generated images but believes that people possess a level of discernment and critical thinking to evaluate the authenticity of content. While deepfakes present challenges, OpenAI remains committed to addressing such issues and adapting their AI models to minimize potential harm.

Through their partnership, OpenAI and Common Sense Media strive to ensure the safe and responsible use of artificial intelligence among teenagers. By developing AI guidelines, education materials, and curated language models, this collaboration aims to empower both teenagers and their parents or educators with the knowledge and tools to navigate the AI landscape effectively. With a commitment to accessibility, accountability, and preparedness, OpenAI and Common Sense Media are actively shaping a future where AI technology is harnessed for positive impact while mitigating potential risks.


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