Pinterest Beats Expectations with Strong Third-Quarter Earnings

Pinterest, the popular visual search and shopping platform, reported its third-quarter earnings on Monday, exceeding expectations and driving a 14% surge in its stock price during after-hours trading. The company’s revenue reached $763.2 million, surpassing the estimated $743.5 million, according to LSEG (formerly known as Refinitiv). Additionally, Pinterest’s adjusted earnings per share came in at 28 cents, higher than the expected 20 cents.

In the third quarter of 2022, Pinterest experienced an 11% increase in revenue compared to the previous year, reaching $684.6 million. The number of global monthly active users also saw considerable growth, rising by 8% to reach 482 million. Analysts had predicted 473 million global monthly active users for the platform. Notably, the average revenue per user stood at $1.61, higher than the projected $1.59.

The success of Pinterest can be attributed to its unique differentiators as a visual search, discovery, and shopping platform. CEO Bill Ready expressed confidence in the company’s product-market fit, stating, “Our users are engaging deeply, and we’re delivering better results for advertisers through improved measurement and innovation across the full funnel.”

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, Pinterest anticipates revenue growth of 11% to 13%. The midpoint of this range exceeds analyst estimates, which projected growth of 11.3%, according to LSEG. Pinterest’s positive outlook contrasts with other social media platforms that faced challenges amid the Israel-Hamas war.

Concerns over the Middle East crisis prompted several brand advertisers to temporarily pause their spending, impacting platforms such as Facebook-owned Meta and Snapchat. However, Ready noted that Pinterest’s focus on shopping, exemplified by its recent collaboration with Amazon, shielded the platform from significant disruptions. While Ready acknowledged the potential impact of the crisis, he believes that platforms more focused on brand awareness would be more affected.

Pinterest reported a net income of $6.73 million, or a penny per share, reflecting a significant turnaround from the loss of $65.2 million, or 10 cents per share, during the same period the previous year. The company’s expenses increased by nearly 2%, rising to $768.2 million from $753.9 million a year earlier.

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter of 2023, Pinterest expects its non-GAAP operating expenses, excluding the costs of revenue, to decline by 9% to 13% year over year. This cost-saving measure demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining profitability while continuing to innovate and drive growth.

As Pinterest solidifies its position as a leading visual search, discovery, and shopping platform, its strong financial performance in the third quarter signals a bright future. The platform’s ability to adapt to major geopolitical events, such as the Middle East crisis, while remaining resilient and attracting major advertisers, highlights its potential for sustainable growth.

Pinterest’s third-quarter earnings exceeded expectations, with impressive revenue growth, an increase in global monthly active users, and higher average revenue per user. The company’s unique focus on visual search, discovery, and shopping, coupled with its efforts to improve measurement and innovate, has resulted in a strong product-market fit.

Pinterest’s positive financial outlook for the fourth quarter showcases its resilience in the face of external challenges, such as the Israel-Hamas war. By prioritizing shopping initiatives and forming partnerships with industry giants like Amazon, the platform has positioned itself to weather potential disruptions.

With a net income turnaround and cost-saving strategies, Pinterest is well-poised for continued success. As the platform sustains its commitment to user engagement, advertiser satisfaction, and financial growth, it remains a dominant force in the digital landscape and a valuable platform for users, advertisers, and investors alike.


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