Pressure Mounts for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza as Conservative MPs Condemn Israel’s Actions

The international community is increasing pressure on Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, to support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Ten senior Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs), including former cabinet ministers, have accused Israel of “brutalising the civilian Palestinian population,” thereby risking the escalation of extremism in the region. In a letter to Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron, the MPs argued that the case for an instant ceasefire is now “unanswerable.” This plea comes in light of the upcoming questioning of the prime minister by MPs on the Liaison Committee, where the conflict between Hamas and Israel is expected to be a prominent topic.

The letter, signed by prominent Tory MPs, such as former education secretary Kit Malthouse and former environment secretary George Eustice, criticizes Israel for its alleged disproportionate and indiscriminate actions in Gaza. The signatories state that many thousands of civilians have been killed and injured, with close to two million forcibly displaced, and they raise concerns that thousands more bodies may still be buried under the rubble. The letter emphasizes the alarming number of women and children who have lost their lives, asserting that too many Palestinians have died. By highlighting the devastating impact on innocent civilians in Gaza, the MPs aim to raise awareness of the urgent need for a ceasefire.

Israel’s administration, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing mounting international condemnation for the significant number of civilian casualties in Gaza. The conflict, triggered by Hamas’s attack on 7 October, has resulted in the deaths of 1,200 people, with an additional 240 individuals taken hostage. As a consequence, large parts of northern Gaza have been flattened, and 85% of the region’s population of 2.3 million have been displaced from their homes. Humanitarian aid organizations have warned of an escalating crisis, with an urgent need to address the situation. Last weekend, the United Nations General Assembly held a vote, with 153 out of 193 member countries supporting a ceasefire in Gaza. Notably, the United States voted against the resolution, while the UK abstained.

UK’s Stance and Foreign Secretary’s Response

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron recently called for a “sustainable ceasefire” in the escalating conflict, echoing the sentiments expressed by US President Joe Biden. Lord Cameron emphasized the need for Israel to discriminate sufficiently between terrorists and civilians in order to avoid the loss of innocent lives. However, the foreign secretary stopped short of advocating for an immediate ceasefire, a demand repeatedly made by pro-Palestinian campaigners. The group of Tory MPs expressed their dismay at the UK’s decision to abstain from the UN resolution, while allies such as France, Canada, and Australia supported it. Their letter to Rishi Sunak signals a growing consensus within the Conservative Party that urgent action is required to address the crisis in Gaza.

Addressing the Catastrophic Humanitarian Situation

The Conservative MPs’ letter also highlights the severe humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. The signatories warn of the imminent risk of disease and starvation, as the Palestinian population is increasingly confined to smaller areas. They stress that the catastrophic situation in Gaza contradicts the principles set forth in the 1949 Geneva Conventions, which aim to prevent such atrocities. The MPs remind the foreign secretary that they have privately expressed their anguish and dismay regarding the UK government’s position following the terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas. They argue that flattening Gaza and killing innocent Palestinians in pursuit of Hamas is not in the long-term interests of either the United Kingdom or Israel. Furthermore, they assert that a military solution is unlikely to be viable in dealing with a terrorist organization like Hamas and securing the release of Israeli hostages.

The Tory MPs contend that the brutalization of the civilian Palestinian population will inevitably lead to increased extremism in the region. They call for immediate action to halt the escalation of violence and to halt the suffering of innocent civilians. The letter serves as a wake-up call to the UK government, urging them to reassess their stance on the conflict in Gaza and advocate strongly for a ceasefire. As pressure mounts on Rishi Sunak and the Conservative government, the international community waits in anticipation for a resolution that will bring an end to the ongoing crisis in Gaza and prevent further loss of life.


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