Pro-Palestinian Protesters Interrupt David Lammy’s Speech on Labour’s Foreign Policy

Pro-Palestinian protesters made their presence known during a speech by shadow foreign secretary David Lammy, causing interruptions and demanding condemnation of the ongoing conflicts in the Israel-Hamas war. Despite attempts to address their concerns, Lammy faced further criticism and accusations during his speech.

During a speech to the Fabian Society outlining the Labour Party’s foreign policy, Lammy was confronted by an activist draped in a Palestinian flag. This individual stormed the stage and shouted criticisms of Labour’s policy on the Israel-Hamas war. The disruption caused a chaotic scene at the Guildhall in central London.

After the first protester was escorted out, another person in the audience stood up and exclaimed, “Call yourself a socialist?” Lammy responded with humor, highlighting his roots but also emphasizing the need for a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza. However, this did not deter the ongoing interruptions.

At least two more protesters interrupted Lammy’s speech, shouting phrases such as “you should be ashamed of yourself” and “blood on your hands.” These accusations reflect the deeply divisive nature of the Israel-Hamas conflict and the strong emotions it evokes.

Throughout the disruptions, Lammy maintained his composure and repeated the phrase, “Change through power not process.” This response suggests his belief in bringing about effective change through political means rather than relying solely on diplomatic processes.

The interruptions faced by Lammy shed light on the ongoing debate within the Labour Party regarding its stance on the Israel-Hamas war. Leader Sir Keir Starmer was initially criticized for voicing support for Israel’s right to self-defense without offering similar statements of solidarity with the people of Gaza. However, he later toughened his position, particularly in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments on a potential shift away from a two-state solution.

The disruption of David Lammy’s speech by pro-Palestinian protesters highlights the passion and intensity surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict. Despite facing criticisms and accusations, Lammy remained composed and reiterated the need for change through power. The incident underscores the challenges faced by political leaders when navigating such contentious international issues and attempting to reconcile differing perspectives.


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