Proposal for Biden to Step Down and Expedite Democratic Nominee Selection

A proposal has been put forth by two prominent Democrats urging President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race and expedite the process of selecting a new Democratic nominee before the August convention. This proposal, authored by Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University and a former member of the Obama and Clinton administrations, and Ted Dintersmith, a major Democratic donor, aims to address concerns about Biden’s performance and age, particularly following a challenging debate against former President Donald Trump.

The proposal outlines a series of key steps, starting with Biden making a grand exit announcement in mid-July, which would be portrayed as a historic and noble act rather than as an elderly leader struggling to maintain power. The next phase involves a rapid primary process where potential Democratic candidates would submit their bids and delegates of the Democratic National Convention would narrow down the list to six final contenders. This accelerated primary would be accompanied by a robust social media campaign and candidate forums featuring celebrity moderators like Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, or Stephen Colbert.

The culmination of the proposal envisions delegates voting on the final nominee at the DNC, with the process benefiting from increased viewership and donations generated by the excitement of the accelerated primary. Although Brooks and Dintersmith acknowledge that they are not political strategists, they emphasize that the proposal is intended as a flexible document that can evolve based on feedback and input from influential Democrats who have seen the memo.

Following the initial circulation of the proposal, Brooks and Dintersmith received numerous responses, most of which expressed support for the idea even if it is considered unlikely to be implemented. The overall reaction has been one of admiration for the innovative approach presented in the proposal, with many acknowledging the potential positive impact such a plan could have on the political landscape.

While the proposal for Biden to step down and expedite the selection of a new Democratic nominee may face significant challenges and obstacles in practice, the overarching sentiment among those who have reviewed the plan is one of excitement and optimism. The concept of a blitz primary and a revamped nomination process has sparked discussions and generated interest in exploring new ways to elevate American politics from its current state of disillusionment.


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