Remembering Mike Yarwood: A Comedy Legend

The world of comedy has lost one of its greatest talents as Mike Yarwood, the renowned comedian and impersonator, passes away at the age of 82. The Royal Variety Charity, where he spent his final years, confirmed this unfortunate news. During the 1960s and 1970s, Yarwood gained immense popularity for his exceptional impersonations of politicians and public figures, capturing the hearts of millions with his wit and charm. As we reflect on his remarkable career, we realize that Yarwood’s unique ability to mimic voices and mannerisms, coupled with his distinctive talent for capturing the essence of his subjects, has undoubtedly left an immeasurable void in the entertainment industry.

Yarwood’s talent for impersonation brought joy and laughter to millions of people. His impressions of political figures like former Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his rival Ted Heath, as well as prominent personalities such as rugby league commentator Eddie Waring and football manager Brian Clough, became legendary. His ability to embody the voices and mannerisms of countless celebrities and public figures quickly skyrocketed him to fame. The Royal Variety Charity rightly honors him as an icon in the comedy world, with his exceptional skill bringing smiles to the faces of millions.

Comedian Kate Robbins, herself a talented impressionist, expressed her sadness at the loss of Yarwood. She referred to him as the “guv’nor of impressionists,” reminiscing about their collaboration in the 80s. Their partnership, where she portrayed Sarah Brightman to his Cliff Richard, proved to be a constant source of laughter. The BBC Director-General, Tim Davie, paid tribute to Yarwood as “one of the greats” and emphasized his immense contribution to shaping television entertainment for decades.

Fondly Remembered

Mike Yarwood’s brilliance extended far beyond his comedic talents. Members of Parliament, including Labour MP Chris Bryant, praised him for his ability to capture the perfect nuance of his subjects, combining sharp detail with charming jollity. Yarwood’s legacy will forever be cherished by those who were fortunate enough to witness his performances, both in studios and on stage.

An Extraordinary Journey

Born on June 4, 1941, in Bredbury, Cheshire, Yarwood’s journey to success began humbly. After attending a secondary modern school, he worked as a messenger before becoming a salesman at a garment warehouse. Little did he know that these early experiences in the “real world” would shape his ability to observe and embody the characters he later impersonated on stage. Yarwood’s talent and dedication propelled him into the spotlight, where he would become a household name and a national treasure.

A Lasting Legacy

Mike Yarwood’s impact on the comedy industry will live on for generations to come. His ability to mimic voices, capture mannerisms, and portray the essence of his subjects set him apart as an extraordinary talent. As we mourn his passing, we must also celebrate the joy and laughter he brought into our lives. Yarwood’s legacy will continue to inspire future comedians and performers, reminding us of the immense power of laughter and its ability to unite us all.

In the wake of his departure, we find solace in the countless memories and moments that Mike Yarwood gifted us. While he may no longer be with us, his work and his spirit will forever echo through the annals of comedy history. Rest in peace, Mike Yarwood, and thank you for the laughter.


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