Sony Expansion: Cloud Streaming for PS5 Set to Roll Out

Sony has announced that it will be launching cloud streaming for its PS5 console, bringing a new level of convenience and accessibility to gamers. The feature will initially be available to PS Plus Premium members, allowing them to stream select Game Catalog titles without the need to download or own them. This move towards cloud streaming showcases Sony’s commitment to embracing technology and providing innovative gaming experiences for its users.

The rollout of the cloud streaming feature will be staggered, with the initial launch taking place in Japan, Europe, and North America. This will be followed by a gradual expansion to other regions, promising a wide selection of PS5 games in the future. While this may cause disappointment for gamers in regions that are not included in the initial rollout, it demonstrates Sony’s dedication to ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of the cloud streaming service.

Sony has revealed that players will have access to a vast selection of games through the cloud streaming service. Popular titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, and Ghost of Tsushima will be available for streaming without the need to download or own them. Additionally, players will also be able to stream any titles they own digitally, including new releases and additional downloadable content (DLC). This expansive game selection ensures that there will be something for every type of gamer to enjoy.

When it comes to streaming quality, Sony is offering four high-quality resolutions for players to choose from: 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 4K. All resolutions will be available with 60 frames per second (fps) and either standard dynamic range (SDR) or high dynamic range (HDR) output. However, it is important to note that the quality of the streaming experience will ultimately depend on the player’s internet connection. Sony recommends a minimum internet speed of 15mbps for 1080p streaming and above 38mbps for 4K streaming.

In addition to the cloud streaming service, Sony has included several additional features to enhance the gaming experience for PS Plus Premium members. Players will have the ability to capture screenshots and record up to three-minute-long gameplay clips, which can be downloaded locally onto the PS5’s Media Gallery. These recordings can also be accessed through the PlayStation phone app, providing greater flexibility in sharing and preserving memorable gaming moments. Sony’s mention of these features being available exclusively on the PS5 at launch suggests the possibility of future expansion to other devices.

The cloud streaming service will be bundled with the existing benefits of a PS Plus Premium subscription. This includes access to Game Trials, which are timed demos of new titles, a selection of free games every month, exclusive discounts, and online multiplayer capabilities. The addition of cloud storage further enhances the value of the subscription, allowing players to conveniently save their game progress and access it from anywhere.

With the introduction of cloud streaming for the PS5, Sony is taking a significant step towards revolutionizing the gaming industry. By offering a wide selection of games, high-quality streaming options, and additional features, Sony is catering to the needs and preferences of gamers. The staggered rollout may disappoint some players initially, but it demonstrates Sony’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of the cloud streaming service. As the feature expands to more regions, it is expected to further enhance the gaming experience for players around the world.


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