SpaceX’s Starlink IPO Expected in 2027, Valuation to Reach $300 Billion, Says Ron Baron

Billionaire investor Ron Baron predicts that SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service will go public through an initial public offering (IPO) in 2027. Speaking to CNBC, Baron expressed his belief that the company will be valued at a staggering $250 billion to $300 billion by the time it goes public.

Ron Baron, a major investor in Elon Musk’s companies, including Tesla and SpaceX, has high expectations for SpaceX’s Starlink. He anticipates that the company’s IPO, scheduled for around 2027, will launch SpaceX’s valuation into the stratosphere. Baron estimated that the company will be worth $250 billion to $300 billion, attributing this potential value to Starlink’s success.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service holds immense promise and has played a pivotal role in driving the company’s valuation to approximately $150 billion. Having deployed over 5,000 Starlink satellites and garnered more than two million subscribers, Starlink has demonstrated tangible progress. However, the timing of the IPO remains uncertain as Elon Musk previously suggested that the company may go public in 2025 or later. Despite achieving breakeven cash flow, the specifics of this milestone are yet to be disclosed.

Baron shed light on the reasons why Musk might consider taking SpaceX public after nearly two decades as a private company. According to Baron, there are investors who have been with the company for a substantial period and may desire an exit strategy or liquidity. While Baron himself does not seek an exit, he recognizes that others may view it differently.

Elon Musk and the SpaceX leadership have previously discussed the possibility of spinning off Starlink to facilitate its IPO. However, the ultimate decision regarding when this will occur remains in flux. Musk’s statement that Starlink has achieved breakeven cash flow indicates progress, but more information is needed to ascertain the overall financial health and stability of the business.

Ron Baron’s forecast of SpaceX’s Starlink IPO in 2027 and its potential valuation of $250 billion to $300 billion highlights the investor’s confidence in the company’s future success. With Starlink’s rapid growth and its integral role in SpaceX’s ambitions, it is no wonder that attention is being drawn to its potential. However, the exact timeline for the IPO and the subsequent valuation will depend on several factors that are yet to be determined. Only time will reveal if Baron’s prediction will come to fruition, and if SpaceX’s Starlink will soar to the anticipated heights in the coming years.


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