Tesla Autopilot Under Investigation by NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been conducting a thorough investigation into Tesla Autopilot for the past two years. Recently, the agency’s acting head, Ann Carlson, revealed in an interview with Reuters that a resolution to the investigation is imminent. While Carlson did not disclose the specifics of how the investigation might be resolved, she emphasized the importance of driver attention and highlighted the potential danger of over-reliance on technology.

One of the major concerns raised by the NHTSA in relation to advanced driver assistance systems like Tesla Autopilot is the issue of driver responsibility. Carlson emphasized the need for drivers to remain attentive and not solely rely on the technology. However, she also acknowledged the importance of driver monitoring systems accurately assessing human behavior and tendencies to over-trust technology. Striking the right balance between autonomous features and driver responsibility remains a complex challenge.

The NHTSA investigation specifically focuses on the performance of Autopilot, particularly in relation to crashes involving Tesla vehicles and stationary emergency vehicles. The agency has identified more than a dozen such incidents and aims to determine if Autopilot adequately ensures driver attention when the assistance system is in use. The investigation also considers whether Tesla vehicles have sufficient alert strategies to prompt driver engagement.

In June 2022, the NHTSA escalated the investigation into Autopilot, upgrading it to an engineering analysis. This critical step indicates the possibility of a recall being demanded if deemed necessary. Last month, the NHTSA requested updated responses and current data from Tesla as part of the ongoing probe. The investigation is characterized by its complexity due to the high number of crashes under examination. However, the NHTSA is committed to delving into the details and ensuring a thorough evaluation.

This is not the first time Autopilot has come under scrutiny. Since 2016, the NHTSA has opened over three dozen special crash investigations involving Tesla vehicles suspected of utilizing Autopilot. Tragically, there have been 23 crash-related deaths reported thus far. The NHTSA previously closed an investigation into Autopilot in 2017 without taking any action. However, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has criticized both Tesla’s lack of system safeguards for Autopilot and the NHTSA’s failure to prioritize Autopilot’s safety. NTSB chair Jennifer Homendy has urged the NHTSA to mandate system safeguards that restrict the use of automated vehicle control systems to their designated conditions.

The imminent resolution of the NHTSA’s ongoing investigation into Tesla Autopilot will certainly shed light on the effectiveness and safety of the driver assistance system. The outcome of the investigation will likely have significant implications for Tesla, as well as the wider automotive industry’s development and implementation of autonomous driving technologies. Striving for a delicate balance between technological advancements and driver responsibility will continue to be a crucial concern as we navigate the future of transportation.


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