The Aftermath: Threats and Safety Concerns Surrounding a Football Hit

The Colorado State University Police Department, along with local authorities, has recently been investigating a series of threats made against Colorado State defensive back Henry Blackburn and his family. Athletic director Joe Parker confirmed these threats and expressed his concern regarding the safety of Blackburn and his loved ones. These threats came as a result of a controversial hit that Blackburn delivered on Colorado receiver/corner Travis Hunter during a football game.

Blackburn’s hit on Hunter quickly gained significant attention on social media platforms, causing it to become a hot topic of conversation among football enthusiasts. The hit, deemed illegal, left Hunter with an undisclosed injury. Despite the viral nature of the hit, the threats against Blackburn and his family began prior to the conclusion of the game. Cellphone numbers for Blackburn and his mother were published online, and even his campus and home addresses were divulged, amplifying the risks faced by the player and his family.

Promptly after the threats emerged, both university and local police joined forces to investigate the seriousness of the situation. The authorities had an arduous task at hand, grappling with a barrage of threatening phone calls, text messages, and alarming social media posts targeted at Blackburn and his family. Athletic director Joe Parker expressed deep concern for the safety of the player and his loved ones, emphasizing that Blackburn never intended to cause harm on the football field.

The incidents surrounding Blackburn’s hit on Hunter are a stark reminder of the escalating toxicity in the realm of sports, particularly within the digital domain. The actions of a player can quickly spiral into a wave of irrational vitriol, endangering the wellbeing of individuals who are intimately connected to the player. It is disheartening to witness the convergence of sport and personal threats, ultimately overshadowing the essence and spirit of the game.

Colorado State coach Jay Norvell condemned the threats made towards Blackburn and his family during his weekly news conference, describing them as saddening. Norvell, alongside the university, have reviewed Blackburn’s hit on Hunter and deemed it a “bang-bang play.” It is clear that the coaching staff does not advocate for such plays and remains steadfast in prioritizing the safety and welfare of all individuals involved.

As teams prepare to move forward with their schedules, it is essential to keep in mind the potential repercussions of a single play. Football should be a platform for unity and excitement, not a catalyst for threats and animosity. The recent incidents involving Henry Blackburn illustrate the pressing need for increased awareness and accountability in both the digital and sporting realms.


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