The Age of Legends: Exploring the Origins of The Wheel of Time

Award-winning director Kari Skogland has been appointed to helm the highly anticipated live-action feature, The Age of Legends. This film marks the beginning of a trilogy that delves into the origins of Robert Jordan’s bestselling book series, The Wheel of Time. Skogland, known for her work in acclaimed series such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and The Handmaid’s Tale, brings her exceptional storytelling abilities to this ambitious project.

Taking place several millennia before the timeline of the books, The Age of Legends undertakes the exploration of the emergence of “the Dark One.” This pivotal period in the Wheel of Time universe is characterized by the world’s descent into darkness and war. Skogland’s film unravels the intricate and corrupting nature of power and pride. The audience will witness the tragic tales of the Forsaken, once revered leaders who succumbed to the Dark One’s seduction, embodying distinct elements of human weakness and ambition.

The Age of Legends also delves into the valiant sacrifices made by unexpected heroes who rise against the Dark One to defend humanity against insurmountable odds. Skogland aims to portray the struggles of everyday individuals forced to make extraordinary choices as their world unravels. This exploration of flawed yet courageous heroes and villains peels back the layers of legend and myth, revealing the flesh-and-blood characters that lie beneath.

Skogland expresses her reverence for Jordan’s masterwork and her commitment to honoring its worldbuilding. Her vision for The Age of Legends is to authentically portray the intricate lore that has captivated millions of readers worldwide. With her skill in storytelling, Skogland plans to expose the humanity of the characters, showcasing their flaws and complexities.

The Age of Legends is not merely an adaptation; it is an exploration of an original world that combines the realms of fantasy and science fiction. Skogland’s ability to craft visually stunning worlds makes her the perfect director to bring this ambitious project to life. As the president of iwot productions, Rick Selvage emphasizes that Skogland’s expertise in storytelling is vital to realizing Jordan’s visionary tale.

In addition to the live-action film trilogy, iwot productions is simultaneously developing The White Tower, an animated feature that also serves as a Wheel of Time origin story. This expansion of the Wheel of Time universe showcases the breadth and depth of the series’ impact.

The Age of Legends is produced by the highly accomplished team of Rick Selvage, Larry Mondragon, and Ted Field. These producers are also executive producers for the upcoming TV adaptation of The Wheel of Time, co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios. From the executive producer lineup, Eva Longoria, James Leon, Mike McGuiness, and Justin Smith join forces to bring Jordan’s beloved universe to life.

Kari Skogland’s directorial abilities, combined with the rich source material from Robert Jordan’s bestselling book series, promise an enthralling exploration of The Age of Legends. As The Wheel of Time enthusiasts eagerly await this cinematic journey into the origins of their beloved universe, Skogland’s vision of flawed heroes, tragic tales, and the corrosive nature of power will captivate audiences around the world.


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