The Biden Administration Takes Aim at Snack Companies: Calling for an End to “Shrinkflation”

On Super Bowl Sunday, President Joe Biden took a stand against snack companies, urging them to halt the practice of “shrinkflation.” This term refers to the reduction in size, weight, or quantity of consumer products while maintaining or even increasing their prices. By sitting next to popular snacks like Oreos, Doritos, and Goldfish, President Biden sent a clear message to the American people: companies should be held accountable for their deceptive practices.

In his 48-second video clip posted on X, President Biden highlighted a common observation made by consumers during the game: sports drink bottles are smaller, and bags of chips contain fewer chips. Despite these reductions in product size, the prices remain the same. This tactic, known as shrinkflation, is viewed by many as a rip-off targeting unsuspecting consumers. President Biden voiced his frustration with these practices, stating, “I’ve had enough of what they call ‘shrinkflation.’ It’s a rip off.” His call to action demands that companies put an end to this deceptive strategy.

Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate, commented on President Biden’s message. While acknowledging that the average consumer would agree with the sentiment, he questioned whether this would genuinely impact corporate practices. The Biden administration aims to hold companies accountable for shrinkflation, but whether this call to action will result in meaningful change remains uncertain. As noted by Yang, the ongoing battle for corporate reform will be crucial for the administration’s success in the upcoming elections.

Lael Brainard, the White House National Economic Council Director, echoed President Biden’s concerns. During a recent interview on CNBC’s “Money Movers,” Brainard attributed higher consumer prices to the practice of shrinkflation. This assertion further emphasized the shared sentiment in the Biden administration that companies need to be held responsible for their actions. The White House’s involvement in addressing this issue demonstrates their commitment to protecting consumers’ interests and promoting fairness in the market.

To bring about change, the Biden administration must continue to raise awareness about shrinkflation and advocate for consumer rights. The issue extends beyond just snack companies; it affects various industries and consumer products. By shining a spotlight on this deceptive practice, the administration can rally public support and pressure companies to reconsider their pricing strategies. Additionally, implementing regulations and enforcement mechanisms to monitor and penalize companies that engage in shrinkflation can provide further protection for consumers.

President Biden’s call to action against shrinkflation sends a powerful message. By voicing his dissatisfaction and demanding change from snack companies, he raises awareness about a practice that undermines consumer trust. The administration’s focus on addressing this issue demonstrates their commitment to upholding fairness and transparency in the market. However, the true impact of their message remains to be seen. As consumers, it is important to remain vigilant and hold companies accountable for their pricing practices, ensuring that our voices are heard and our interests are protected. Only by actively challenging shrinkflation can we hope to see genuine change in the way companies approach their products and prices.


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