The Black List and Stowe Story Labs Announce Exciting New Partnership

The Black List and Stowe Story Labs have recently joined forces to launch a groundbreaking fellowship program for emerging screenwriters. This collaboration marks the first of its kind between the two esteemed organizations, both renowned for their tireless efforts in discovering and nurturing top talent in the industry. The Black List Artist Development Fellowship, in conjunction with the Stowe Narrative Lab, aims to provide an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to further their craft and propel their careers to new heights.

The Black List Artist Development Fellowship offers selected applicants the chance to participate in the Stowe Narrative Lab, which takes place from June 7-10, 2024, in the picturesque town of Stowe, Vermont. This intensive workshop will serve as a launching pad for the chosen Fellow’s project, providing invaluable guidance and insights from industry experts. Moreover, the selected Fellow will benefit from a travel and lodging stipend of up to $1,500, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in this transformative experience.

To complement the workshop, the Fellow will also have the option to enroll in either a long-form online writing program or a personalized one-on-one mentoring program with the esteemed Stowe team. This tailored approach ensures that each Fellow’s specific needs and aspirations are met, giving them the tools and support necessary to excel in their screenwriting journey.

As part of the fellowship package, the chosen Fellow will receive a copy of the highly acclaimed Final Draft screenwriting software, a vital tool for industry professionals. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from Stacey Davis, an Entertainment Attorney, Stowe Alum, Mentor, and Board Member, through a 30-minute consultation. Davis’s vast experience and expertise will undoubtedly prove invaluable in shaping and refining the Fellow’s creative vision.

The Black List and Stowe Story Labs are committed to nurturing new voices and fostering a diverse storytelling landscape. In addition to the Black List Artist Development Fellowship, Stowe has also introduced advanced development fellowships that provide even more opportunities for aspiring artists. These fellowships will be awarded to two exceptional individuals who will have the privilege of attending a 2024 Narrative Lab, an ongoing mentoring program, and a 2024 Writers’ Retreat, all at no cost. Furthermore, these fellows will receive a travel and lodging stipend, eliminating any financial barriers to their participation.

If you are an emerging screenwriter with a compelling feature film or TV project, this is an unparalleled chance to propel your career to new heights. The application period for the Black List Artist Development Fellowship is now open until January 15th, 2024, at 11:59 PM PST. To apply, simply visit the Stowe website and complete the unified application form, which covers all Stowe labs, retreats, fellowships, and scholarships.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, receive invaluable mentorship, and refine your skills as a storyteller. The Black List and Stowe Story Labs are eager to provide the necessary tools and support for emerging screenwriters to succeed in a highly competitive industry. Apply today and take the first step towards turning your creative vision into a reality.


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