The Case for Nelson Peltz and Jay Rasulo to Join Disney’s Board

Disney has been under the spotlight recently as activist investor Nelson Peltz and his Trian Fund Management plan to make their voices heard. Peltz intends to post on X, formerly known as Twitter and provide content on its website,, in an effort to support his case to add himself and former Disney Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo to Disney’s board. This article will delve into the reasons behind this move and discuss the potential impact on Disney’s stock performance.

The Roadmap

To begin with, Peltz plans to release a comprehensive white paper in the coming weeks, explaining why he and Rasulo should be added to Disney’s board. This white paper will serve as the foundation for their argument and aims to address key concerns regarding Disney’s future direction. Additionally, Trian plans to meet with proxy solicitors Glass Lewis and ISS in February to gain further support for their cause.

One of the main points raised by Peltz is the need to boost Disney’s stock performance. Trian believes that by focusing on Disney’s streaming business and setting short-term profitability targets, the company’s stock can improve significantly. To achieve this, Peltz emphasizes the importance of transparency in Disney’s business operations. By providing clear and measurable goals for the streaming business, investors will have a better understanding of its growth potential.

Direct-to-Consumer ESPN Service

Disney’s plan to launch a direct-to-consumer ESPN service is also a point of contention for Trian. While this move is seen as necessary with the decline of the traditional cable subscription model, Trian insists on the need for specific profitability targets before its launch. This cautious approach ensures that the new service will be financially viable and contribute to Disney’s overall growth strategy.

Peltz argues that Disney’s board lacks sufficient accountability and independence, as it is closely tied to current CEO Bob Iger. With Iger’s contract being renewed multiple times, there is concern that fresh perspectives and critical questioning may be overlooked. Peltz’s experience in executive searches, successfully finding new CEOs for other companies, gives weight to his claim that he can bring new perspectives to Disney’s board.

While Peltz acknowledges that he and Rasulo would only represent two voices on Disney’s board, he emphasizes that sometimes all it takes is a catalyst to jumpstart change. Peltz compares himself and Rasulo to Batman and Robin, implying that their presence alone can stir up new ideas and challenge the status quo. With Peltz’s track record in other corporate boards, there is a sense of confidence in his ability to enact positive change.

As the battle for a seat on Disney’s board intensifies, Nelson Peltz and Jay Rasulo make a compelling case for their involvement. By pushing for transparency, setting profitability targets, and bringing fresh perspectives, they aim to improve Disney’s stock performance and ensure a strong future for the company. Ultimately, the decision rests with Disney’s shareholders, and their votes will shape the future direction of the entertainment giant.


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