The Controversy Surrounding Tommy DeVito and his Pizzeria Appearance Fee

In a surprising turn of events, Coniglio’s Old Fashioned pizzeria in New Jersey announced the cancellation of an event featuring New York Giants quarterback, Tommy DeVito. The reason behind this cancellation was the alleged doubling of DeVito’s appearance fee. The pizzeria took to social media to express their disappointment after DeVito’s agent, Sean Stellato, raised the fee from $10,000 to $20,000 following his impressive performance in a recent game against the Green Bay Packers.

The restaurant claims that they had agreed “in principle” to the original terms of $10,000, which included a two-hour appearance and 250 autographs. However, Stellato argues that there was no signed contract and no agreed-upon price increase. He stated, “We didn’t raise the price because nothing was ever agreed to.” This discrepancy in their statements adds to the confusion surrounding the situation.

Tommy DeVito, an undrafted rookie, has unexpectedly become the starting quarterback for the New York Giants this season. He began the year on the practice squad but has since helped the team with a three-game winning streak. DeVito’s success on the field, coupled with his Italian heritage, has endeared him to both his teammates and fans. His unique hand gesture, with pinched fingers in the air, has become synonymous with his newfound fame.

During the recent game against the New Orleans Saints, the opposing team decided to mock DeVito’s signature hand gesture after sacking him. This playful taunting added insult to injury for DeVito, as it came during a lopsided loss for the Giants. However, it is important to note that despite the difficult game, DeVito will still be the starting quarterback when the Giants face off against the rival Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day.

Coniglio’s pizzeria expressed their disappointment with the situation, stating, “Sorry about that loss today #nygiants fans – but we’re Italian too and don’t like when someone says one thing and does another.” It is clear that the pizzeria feels let down by the sudden increase in DeVito’s appearance fee, which they claim was not agreed upon. The cancellation of the event has left both parties at odds with each other.

The controversy surrounding Tommy DeVito and his pizzeria appearance fee highlights the challenges of negotiating contracts and managing expectations. While the pizzeria claims that they had an agreement in principle, DeVito’s agent argues that there was no signed contract and therefore no agreed-upon price increase. The conflicting statements have created confusion and disappointment for both parties involved. Despite this setback, DeVito remains the starting quarterback for the Giants and will face off against the Eagles on Christmas Day.


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