The Dangers of AI in the Entertainment Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a topic of concern and controversy in the entertainment industry, particularly in Hollywood. This issue came to light when renowned author and actor, Stephen Fry, discovered that his voice had been replicated by an AI system without his consent. During his speech at the CogX Festival in London, Fry played a recording of an AI mimicking his voice to narrate a historical documentary. Shockingly, he revealed that the AI was created using his reading of the Harry Potter books. This incident raises serious ethical questions regarding the use of AI technology in the entertainment field.

Fry was taken aback when he realized that his voice had been used without his knowledge or permission. He expressed his concern that the AI could have manipulated his voice to say anything, from innocuous statements to explicit content. The fact that the AI system modulated Fry’s voice to fit the meaning of each sentence was deeply unsettling. Appeals to his agents on both sides of the Atlantic resulted in their shared surprise and outrage. Fry’s warning that this was just the beginning highlights the potential dangers that lie ahead.

In addition to voice replication, Fry emphasized the rising threat of deepfake videos. Deepfakes are digitally manipulated videos that convincingly alter a person’s appearance or actions, often by superimposing their face onto the body of another person. Fry predicted that full deepfake videos, which are already becoming more sophisticated, will soon be indistinguishable from reality. This poses a significant threat to actors in the industry, as it could lead to potential image and reputation damage.

Fry mentioned that the ongoing strikes in Hollywood are attempts to address the potential harm AI can cause to actors. He compared the current state of AI to the early days of automobiles, remarking that although impressive, it is far from being a finished product. Technology is constantly evolving, and AI models are no exception. Fry expressed his belief that AI will advance at an unprecedented pace, surpassing any technology seen before.

The misuse of AI technology in the entertainment industry raises significant concerns regarding privacy, consent, and the protection of intellectual property. Stephen Fry’s personal experience exemplifies the potential consequences and raises important questions about the future role of AI in the creative fields. As AI continues to develop and evolve, it is crucial for the industry to establish regulations and ethical guidelines to ensure the responsible and respectful use of this powerful technology.


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