The Day Before: A Failed Journey of Misleading Promises and Broken Dreams

The Day Before, once acclaimed as Steam’s most wish-listed open-world survival MMO, has now met an unfortunate demise. The game’s launch in early access was marred by a tidal wave of negative reviews, leaving players feeling deceived by its misleading marketing claims. These reviews exposed The Day Before as nothing more than an extraction shooter resembling Escape from Tarkov, coupled with the post-apocalyptic elements seen in The Last of Us.

The disappointment surrounding The Day Before was only further exacerbated by numerous game-breaking glitches. Players reported frustrating experiences where characters would clip off the map, leaving them stranded and unable to progress. Additionally, the game’s world was described as incomplete and barren, devoid of any meaningful action. The promised online features also proved to be inconsistent, adding to the growing discontent among the community.

Due to the overwhelming negative reception and financial failure of The Day Before, Fntastic Studio, the developer behind the game, has announced its closure. The studio acknowledges its inability to continue due to a lack of funds. Originally, Fntastic had intended to use all earned income to pay off its debts, but with the game’s failure, that aspiration has become unattainable. Consequently, there are no plans to patch or salvage the game, as further funding is out of the question.

The accusations leveled against Fntastic Studio contributed to the downfall of The Day Before. The game’s hefty price tag of $40 raised eyebrows, considering its questionable quality and lack of substantial gameplay. The absence of any crowdfunding support only added to the skepticism surrounding the studio’s intentions. Many players accused Fntastic of repurposing assets and creating misleading gameplay trailers, dimming their trust in the studio.

The Day Before initially garnered attention, with 38,000 concurrent players on Steam at launch. However, the subsequent realization that the game failed to meet expectations led to a steady decline in its player base. Even during weekends, typically a time when game activity sees an uptick, The Day Before failed to regain momentum. At present, the game struggles with a mere 749 concurrent players, most likely trying to capture amusing gameplay moments before the inevitable server shutdown.

Amidst the chaos, Fntastic Studio is uncertain about its future direction. Nevertheless, the studio assures players that the servers for The Day Before and its previous multiplayer game, Propnight, will continue to operate. Understandably, disappointed players are seeking refunds, a request that publisher Mytona is willing to honor, even if the playtime on Steam exceeds two hours. Any refunds can be processed through Steam’s Help section, where a questionnaire will inquire about the reasons for the refund.

To address the accusations of a scam, Fntastic Studio claims that it will not profit from the game’s sales. Moreover, the studio candidly admits to overestimating its capabilities as a game developer. However, their response to criticism on Twitter, stating, “This was our first big experience. Shit happens,” only further fueled the rage of the disappointed community.

Fntastic’s actions following the failure of The Day Before have added to the controversy. The CEO swiftly erased his Twitter account from the internet, and the studio’s YouTube channel was also deleted. It seems as if Fntastic is attempting to erase any evidence of its existence as a game developer.

Currently, The Day Before sits with an Overwhelmingly Negative rating on Steam, accumulating a staggering 18,000 bad reviews. At one point, the game ranked among the ten worst-reviewed games on the platform. Ultimately, the game was delisted entirely, removing it from Steam’s platform.

Even before launch, The Day Before encountered numerous obstacles. The game suffered numerous delays, with one occurring just a month before the scheduled release date. Additionally, it was embroiled in a trademark dispute and faced allegations of exploiting unpaid labor. While Fntastic Studio brushed off these claims, labeling the individuals involved as volunteers, the controversy undoubtedly tarnished the game’s reputation further.

The Day Before serves as a cautionary tale of ambitious promises, unfulfilled potential, and broken dreams. Its failure to deliver on its grand vision, coupled with misleading marketing and technical issues, led to its swift downfall. Fntastic Studio’s closure and the removal of the game from Steam’s platform mark the end of a disastrous journey that has left players disheartened and skeptical of future gaming experiences.


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