The Departure of Alexander Mattison from the Minnesota Vikings

The news of Alexander Mattison’s departure from the Minnesota Vikings came as a shock to many fans and analysts. After five seasons with the team, the Vikings indicated their plans to release him, marking the end of an era for the running back. Mattison’s performance in the past season fell short of expectations, especially after failing to secure the starting position following Dalvin Cook’s departure. The decision to release Mattison will save the Vikings $3.35 million against their 2024 cap, making it a strategic move for the team’s financial future.

Struggles and Limited Productivity

Throughout his time with the team, Mattison struggled to match Cook’s explosiveness and impact on the field. Despite starting 13 games in the last season, he only managed to accumulate 700 rushing yards, with none of his 180 carries going for longer than 21 yards. Additionally, he failed to score a rushing touchdown, relying solely on three receiving touchdowns to contribute to the team’s offense. The lack of consistent and impactful performances from Mattison likely played a significant role in the Vikings’ decision to part ways with him.

Following Mattison’s release, second-year runner Ty Chandler stepped in as the starting running back for the final four games of the regular season. Coach Kevin O’Connell expressed confidence in Chandler’s abilities and highlighted the positive impact he made towards the end of the season. O’Connell also acknowledged Mattison’s contributions, noting that his efforts went beyond statistical performance. Despite this, the Vikings are expected to seek additional depth at the running back position in free agency and potentially the draft.

In his five seasons with the Vikings, Mattison showcased a solid performance, averaging 4.1 yards per carry and rushing for a total of 2,370 yards on 584 attempts. He recorded 11 rushing touchdowns and also contributed in the passing game, catching 100 passes for 718 yards and six touchdowns. While his overall statistics demonstrate his versatility as a player, the Vikings’ decision to release him indicates a shift in the team’s strategy and a focus on building for the future.

The departure of Alexander Mattison from the Minnesota Vikings marks the end of a chapter for both the player and the team. Despite his contributions and efforts over the years, the Vikings chose to part ways with Mattison in pursuit of a more impactful and dynamic presence in the backfield. As the team looks towards the future, the release of Mattison signifies a new direction and a commitment to evolving and improving the roster for the upcoming seasons.


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