The Durability Test of Google Pixel 8 Pro: How Does It Compare to the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

In the world of smartphones, durability has become a crucial aspect for users. The launch of the Google Pixel 8 series, consisting of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, has generated significant excitement. These devices are powered by a Tensor G3 chip and run on the latest Android 14 operating system. The Pixel 8 Pro has recently earned the top spot in the DxOMark display test ranking, showcasing its impressive visual capabilities. Furthermore, the phone’s durability has been put to the test by popular YouTuber Jack from JerryRigEverything. In this article, we will examine the results of this durability test and compare the Pixel 8 Pro with the recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max.

During the durability test conducted by JerryRigEverything, the Pixel 8 Pro exhibited commendable resilience against a range of damage scenarios. The smartphone’s screen, protected by Gorilla Glass Victus 2, proved to be exceptionally bright, making it the brightest display ever produced by Google. However, when subjected to knife scratches, the side panels of the Pixel 8 Pro displayed visible damage. This suggests that the phone’s body may not be as robust as expected.

Magnetic Charging Abilities

A notable difference between the Pixel 8 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max lies in their rear magnetic charging capabilities. The YouTuber demonstrated that the Google smartphone presents an infrared thermometer next to the LED flashlight. This feature allows the device to measure the temperature of objects within a radius of 2 inches; however, it does not function on human skin. Moreover, when exposed to fire, the Pixel 8 Pro incurred a permanent burn mark after just 17 seconds. Surprisingly, despite damage to the screen, the fingerprint scanner continued to work reliably.

To assess the structural strength of both phones, the bend test was performed. The Pixel 8 Pro showcased sturdy construction as it successfully withstood the bend test without any cracks or fractures. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max failed to endure this test, revealing vulnerabilities that may raise concerns among potential buyers.

Specifications and Features

The Pixel 8 Pro boasts a 6.7-inch Quad-HD display with a resolution of 1,344×2,992 pixels and a 120Hz refresh rate. With a 5,050mAh battery and support for 30W wired charging, this device offers a considerable amount of power to users on the go.

The durability test conducted on the Google Pixel 8 Pro showcased both impressive and concerning results. While the smartphone’s display quality and fingerprint scanner functionality remained intact despite damage, visible scratches on the side panels raise questions about the phone’s overall build quality. Furthermore, the Pixel 8 Pro’s ability to withstand the bend test highlighted its strength in comparison to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it is essential for potential buyers to consider these factors along with other features and specifications before making a purchase decision.


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